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Webcast : Cost Estimation of MEMS is easier with MEMS Price+

The webcast is now closed, you can have an overview of the MEMS Price + tool here, or contact us for more information

June 4th, 2015

Why attending?
System Plus Consulting breaks this barrier creating a revolutionary costing tool “MEMS Price +”. Get rid of the extreme variability of MEMS processes! This tool gives you a cost model mixing global parameter and technologies. To know more about this tool, join our webcast and discover in live the power of the MEMS Price + costing tool.
System Plus Consulting has published more than 100 devices reverse costing reports on MEMS, and has used its expertise to propose an efficient and easy-to-use cost simulation tool able to simulate most of the MEMS technologies from the main players. MEMS Price+ allows anyone from purchasing & marketing departments, but also costing & R&D departments, to calculate the production cost and selling price of a wafer, die, packaged MEMS or System-in-Package including an unlimited number of dies. A fine knowledge of the MEMS or IC processes is no more necessary to get an accurate cost. The tool also offers the possibilities for forecast and for simulating MEMS processes on wafer size up to 12-inch.
During this live session, we will demonstrate how to take advantage of MEMS Price+ to evaluate the cost of MEMS devices. The presentation will be based on a live demo with an actual MEMS example analyzed by System Plus Consulting.
Romain Fraux is Project Manager for Reverse Costing analyses at System Plus Consulting.
Since 2006, Romain is in charge of costing analyses of MEMS devices, Integrated Circuit and Advanced Packaging. He has significant experience in the modeling of the manufacturing costs of electronics components and has published more than 50 Reverse Costing reports on various MEMS devices including Inertial, Pressure, Microphones or RF Sensors.
Romain has a BEng from Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh, Scotland and a master’s degree in Microelectronics from the University of Nantes, France.
Frédéric Breussin is responsible for the MEMS and Sensors activity. He has supported many companies in their innovation and product development strategy in making the bridge between micro systems technologies and their applications in consumer, automotive, industrial, Life sciences, diagnostics and medical device industries. He holds an Engineering diploma from INSA Rouen & a DEA in fluid mechanics from University of Rouen.
Steven LaFerriere serves as Director of North America Business Development at Yole Développement. Steven has more than 20 years of experience as a sales executive in the electronics marketplace, with an outstanding track record of customer problem solving. Prior to joining Yole Développement in January 2015, he was a Senior Account Manager at IHS Corporation. His career also includes marketing positions and technical sales support at Avnet Electronics. Steven is a graduate of California State University Long Beach in Southern California.

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