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Under the Hood: Vayyar’s 4D Imaging Radar


An article written by Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio and Junko Yoshida, for EETIMES, in collaboration with Romain Fraux, CEO at System Plus Consulting.


With radar getting adopted even in consumer products, Systems Plus Consulting got curious about how it was being implemented. The technology and costing analysis firm decided to tear down a radar chip, but which one? The company selected Vayyar’s first-generation RF system-on-chip for several reasons.

The company was primarily interested in how Vayyar designed such a highly integrated single-chip RF SoC. System Plus analysts were also intrigued by the ability of Vayyar’s SoC to create high-resolution 4D images.

Radar used to be a slow-growing market catering to mature applications such as the military. Things have changed — a lot. Radar, especially “imaging radar,” is hotter than the Kardashians. Automotive and consumer applications are firing system designers’ imaginations and driving radar growth into double-digit numbers.

While radar remains critical to military bases and aircraft carriers, they are massively invading homes, family cars and even smartphones. For automotive applications, Tier Ones and car OEMs are working on imaging radars for both advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and in-cabin occupancy detection.

Radar technology suppliers are also keeping an eye on smartphone opportunities. Central to the collaboration between Infineon and Google announced last year, for example, was the enabling of gesture control in Google Pixel 4 smartphones, using Infineon’s radar technology. Although it is far from clear if every phone will feature radar technology any time soon, the field of radar apps is rapidly expanding….Full story

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