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The right technical choices for a reliable smartphone supply chain

Free Webcast – June 29, 2021 at 5PM CEST – 8AM PDT – Replay available

The smartphone market will quickly recover from the Covid-19 crisis. After dropping from 1384Munits in 2019 to 1300Munits in 2020, total shipments may reach 1480Munits in 2026.1

This webcast aims to give you an overview of the smartphone industry and to enable you to build your supply chain. Then, through a dedicated monitor and teardown reports, System Plus Consulting can support you with all the information you need.

With its Smartphone Design Win Quarterly Monitor, System Plus Consulting details the latest components, packaging and silicon chip choices of the smartphone makers. It also offers a clear view of the technological strategy of the semiconductor companies leading the market and a direct comparison between OEMs. The selected phones are a good representation of the market. The monitor also provides details of design wins and related supply chain information for the eight phones being analyzed, along with supply chain alternatives for the main devices.

This smartphone monitor utilizes data from representative phones that are torn down by the System Plus Consulting team. These teardowns are available in the Phone Module of the Consumer Teardown Track.

Teardown analyses include detailed bill of materials, block diagrams, x-rays, and high-resolutions photos, all through an online platform. Each step of the teardown process is carefully documented by our experts to present detailed insights into component parts and costs, as well as chip system functionality.

These two tools will help build your future strategy. Do not miss this chance to find out about them!

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Romain Fraux

CEO, System Plus Consulting

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VP Consumer Teardowns – Department Director, System Plus Consulting

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