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ELECTRONICA – November 2018

There are many companies involved in reverse engineering, but none except System Plus Consulting has developed a smart methodology combining data gathering, technical expertise and industry knowledge.
This story could be a fairy-tale, but it is actually not. It is just the true story of a small company succeeding, year after year, in becoming a major partner in understanding the technical choices and the market strategies of worldwide leaders, such as Apple, Intel, Infineon, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Rohm and others.

Its extraordinary market positioning makes System Plus Consulting unique. Its ability to open each system, identify the different parts, key components and technologies, evaluate the related costs, and make the links to the status of the industry with the help of its strategic partner Yole Développement (Yole) is today key for each semiconductor player.



2018 has been the year of change for System Plus Consulting. Its complete teardowns of  the IphoneX (See EETimes – Romain Fraux’s interview), its analysis of the SiC power module developed by STMicroelectronics and implemented in Tesla’s Model3 (See Markt & Technik – SiC-Transistoren werden die Wachstumstreiber), and the report focused on Texas Instrument’s radar chipset, titled AWR1642 77 & 79 GHz RFCMOS Radar Chipset… all highlight its expertise in the semiconductor community and reinforce its credibility.

System Plus Consulting activities cover various electronics sectors: from Consumer (e.g. smartphones) through Industry to Automotive. In the automotive sector alone, it increased its portfolio with relevant analyses focused on PCUs, cameras, ultrasonic solutions, LiDARs, microbolometers and of course, accelerometers and gyroscopes.

In particular, based on the huge diversity of sensors and functionality, ADAS has been showing impressive growth for the past few years and many companies are today engaged in the development of innovative solutions. In 2017, according to Yole, the higher-end 10M cars each have four cameras on average, and about 45% of new cars are equipped with cameras. By 2035, more than 50% of all vehicles sold will have some level of autonomous capability (> Level 2)[1]…



(Elena Barbarini, Head of Department Devices at System Plus Consulting | Wilfried Théron, Electronic Systems Project Manager / QA Manager at System Plus Consulting)


The company is currently producing numerous reverse engineering & costing reports dedicated to the automotive sector and is working closely with car makers and component manufacturers to understand the technology trends and industry evolution.

In addition, its new collection of reports offering detailed comparisons between the technical choices made by the leaders in the industry is clearly a high added value tool for industrial companies to get a clear picture of the competitive landscape. It allows for System Plus Consulting to once again reveal its industrial knowledge and the technical expertise of its team.
To satisfy this growing need, the company hired more than 7 technical experts in less than one year. A new building, a larger laboratory with impressive equipment to perform detailed physical analyses and identify the key process flows, the creation of two departments – Electronic Systems and Semiconductor Devices, respectively managed by Wilfried Théron and Elena Barbarini – are positive indicators of the maturity of the company and the impressive development of its activities. Nothing is left to chance. All projects, all activities managed by Romain Fraux, System Plus Consulting’s CEO, are part of a thorough development plan based on the industry evolution and technology innovations.



(Romain Fraux, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at System Plus Consulting)


So, what will be the next steps for System Plus Consulting’s team? After a tremendous year, what could we expect? With unlimited energy, System Plus Consulting has already start work on its 2019 projects. The growth is following an exciting path… After the famous IphoneX, the reverse engineering & costing company adds the latest smartphones from Oppo and Xiami to its portfolio. Before the end of the year a complete analysis at the system level initially, then at the device level with DOT projectors and NIR camera sensors will be available. The aim of this project is to identify each process flow and the related players. Who is doing what? What are the various manufacturing steps? What is the cost related to each one? … In parallel, the team is also developing a new online cost simulation tool, much more interactive, easy to use and update, taking into account the customers’ needs and following the evolution of the industry…
With doubt, System Plus Consulting’s future looks promising with many impressive reverse engineering and costing analyses and key results. Stay tuned!


[1]Source : Status of the CMOS Image Sensors Industry report, Yole Développement, 2018


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