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Costing Methods Trainings

Understand the cost structure of your electronic components suppliers


System Plus Consulting offers four different training sessions, based on cost methods of

Integrated Circuits   –   MEMS   –   Power Electronics   –   Electronic Boards


These training courses are designed to provide updated information on technologies, production processes in electronics and to explain their impact on manufacturing cost and selling price.
With a progressive approach toward electronic product complexity, you will learn how to identify and handle cost sensitive parameters to make efficient strategic decisions.


These trainings are particularly heplful to:
– analyse the cost structure of a device, identify and understand the cost drivers
– estimate an average selling price and prepare a business plan for a new product
– increase your power of negotiation
– improve your knowledge of the proccesses and compare different technological options


2018 Sessions

April in Paris, France:
– 24th: MEMS or Power Electronics
– 25th: Integrated Circuits
– 26th: Electronic Boards
June in Munich, Germany:
– 19th: MEMS or Power Electronics
– 20th: Integrated Circuits
– 21th: Electronic Boards
October in Amsterdam, Netherlands:
– 9th: Power Electronics
– 10th: Integrated Circuits
– 11th: Electronic Boards


You are:
Purchasers, Costing Engineers, Designers, Products Managers, Marketing Managers…
You want to know the basics of the cost structure, these trainings are made for you!


On which topics?
– MEMS: Detailed program available here
– Power Electronics: Detailed program available here
– Integrated Circuits: Detailed program available here
– Electronic Boards: Detailed program available here


Program of the trainings

Theoretical part:
– update of the technological evolutions and improvements
– explanation of production environment and its costs
– modelling of costs and yields
– how to calculate the objective selling price based on production cost

Practical case:
– costing of actual examples



Our offer
Trainings are provided in English and in French. Printed materials or electronic materials (USB stick) are included.
Duration from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Lunch and snacks are included in each session for a total price of 950€ per day.


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They already attended System Plus Consulting trainings
NXP, Audi, EVG, Free, Continental, Hitachi, BMW, ASE Group, Bosch, Scania, Orange, Autoliv and more.


Specific topics are possible on request
We are also available on demand at your site. Please contact us for more details or to know our other sessions:

+33 240 180 916 or by e-mail :



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