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Technology analysis

The System Plus Consulting laboratory was set up to analyze semiconductor devices, especially for process analysis which is then used for cost analysis.

The experience gained from this work is useful for companies that want to understand the process used in devices from providers or competitors.

We are ready to answer any enquiry to perform analyses of semiconductor devices:

  • Structure analysis of package: identification of materials and key measurement
  • Front-End manufacturing process identification, critical dimensions measurement, memory blocks size and capacity
  • Step-by-step description of specific process flow

We have analyzed the process and structure of hundreds of devices in various technologies:

  • Integrated circuit: Cmos, Bipolar, BiCmos, GaAs, SiGe, MEMS
  • Power devices: MOSFET, IGBT, JFET, SCR in Si, SiC, GaN
  • Optoelectronics: LED, LCD, photovoltaic
  • And more: PCB, camera modules, ink-jet heads …


SEM view of MOSFET gate

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with the tools necessary to perform structure and process analysis of most semiconductor devices. Agreements have been set up with external laboratories for specific analyses.

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