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Reverse costing devices

Our Reverse Costing studies of ICsModules and MEMs will help you to:

  • Calculate the production cost of a semiconductor device
  • Compare the technologies of similar products
  • Enhance your knowledge on specific technologies


Reverse Costing studies of semiconductors identify the main parameters of a circuit: technologypackagemanufacturer, and estimate the production costs.

Considering the quantities to be produced, the production schedule and the position of the manufacturer on the market allows us to calculate an objective selling price.


These studies begin with the identification of the component to be analyzed, the opening of the package, measurement of specific features and stripping of the different levels.

The analysis of the technology of the component provides the technical data which are essential to perform a cost analysis.

Our Cost simulation tools are then used to model the manufacturing process, step by step.


From ICs to MEMs and Modules, Reverse Costing analyses provides:

  • Material analysis, backed with numerous and detailed pictures
  • Components teardown (bill of materials) and price evaluation/cost analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow description step-by-step
  • In-depth economic analysis
  • Manufacturing cost breakdown
  • Selling price estimation

Requested elements:

All our analyses are performed on the basis of a physical sample of the studied components.

Examples of semiconductor products that we analyze:

IC: Microcontrollers, Smartpower, ASICs, RF devices, WL packages…

MEMS: Pressure sensors, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Inkjet heads, Microphones …

Power: MOSFET, IGBT, SiC and GaN transistors and diodes

Modules: Power Modules for Automotive and Photovoltaic

LED:  High brightness LEDs, LED lamps

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