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Costing tools

All our services and analyses are built on the foundation of costing tools developed by System Plus Consulting. These proprietary tools can be purchased under license.

We can offer two types of costing tools: process-based costing tools, where a specific process is described using libraries of equipment and consumables, or parametric costing tools, where costs are calculated from a set of parameters, a solution best suited to standardized technologies.

These costing tools are based on Excel™ and interface with a separate database. Multiple access, data sharing and data integrity are secured.

Maintenance and support are available and data are frequently updated.

These costing tools are used by companies who have :

  • Large volumes of cost simulations to process and analyze
  • In-house technological knowledge to be able to enter the necessary data

If you are interested in one of our costing tools, a specific on-line demonstration can be arranged with System Plus Consulting experts.

Customized costing tools may also be developed to meet specific needs.


  Process-based Costing Tools   parametric costing tools
Integrated Circuits   IC Price+
Power Devices & Modules Power CoSim+  
LED LED CoSim+  
Advanced Packaging 3D-Package CoSim+  
Electronic Board Susbtrates   PCB Price+
Electronic Board & System SYScost+  
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