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Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Teardown and Identification of Key Components

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Discover Xiaomi’s latest flagship Key devices, technical choices on 3D Sensing and main suppliers to compete against Apple’s iPhone X/Xs/Xr.

With the introduction of the iPhone X in September 2017, Apple set the technology standard in consumer products. One year later, Xiaomi, a rapid-growing Chinese player, is putting its answer to Apple’s iPhone X on the market.

The progress made by Xiaomi over the last five years is impressive. Its latest flagship state-of-the-art technology can compete strongly in China, where Apple is still struggling to increase its market share. Its main innovation is the integration of a  structured–light based 3D imaging module, as well as under-display fingerprint sensing technology.

The report includes teardown photos, detailed package identification and descriptions. It is supplied with an Excel file summarizing the Mi 8 Explorer chipset and the assignments by supplier, package or footprint. It will help you to identify the manufacturer, the packaging size, type and pitch as well as the function of the 85 ICs in the Mi 8 Explorer.


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  • Executive Summary

Physical Analysis

  • Views and dimensions of the MI 8 Explorer
  • MI 8 Explorer Teardown
  • Electronic boards high definition photos
  • Main component markings and package identification:  type, dimensions, pitch, pin count
  • PCB surface area, cross sections and minimum line width
  • IC package distribution
  • IC manufacturer design wins
  • IC package footprint


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