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VCSEL in Smartphone – Comparison 2019

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Physical analysis and cost comparison of ten leading flagship smartphone VCSEL dies (dot projector, flood illuminator, and proximity sensor) from Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo, and Intel.

Today, up to three VCSEL dies can be integrated in a smartphone. 3D recognition with the flood illuminator; the dot projector; and time of flight (ToF) for the proximity sensor are all based on VCSEL laser components. Already integrated in flagship smartphones, these functions will quickly find a home in all smartphones, causing a sharp increase in VCSEL demand.

 SP19426-VCSEL External Views_logos

This comparative review, conducted by System Plus Consulting, provides insights into the structures, technology, and design choices related to these components, which are at the center of innovative functions. We have analyzed and compared four dot projectors, four flood illuminators, and two ToF systems, extracted the VCSEL dies, and performed a full physical analysis.

In this report, we offer technological and economical comparisons of 10 VCSEL dies integrated by the major smartphone manufacturers (Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Lenovo) in their flagship smartphones, and by Intel in its RealSense product suite. Moreover, we cover all of the functions that require VCSEL, including dot projector, flood illuminator, and proximity sensor (ToF). The components from the three key suppliers – Lumentum, Philips Photonic, and ams (Princeton Optronics) – are also included in the report.

We show the integration of the VCSEL in smartphones, and base our analysis on full teardowns of the VCSEL dies to reveal the technological choices made by the different manufacturers. Also, we have estimated the various supply chain participants. The combined knowledge gleaned from these two groups allows us to simulate the cost of these different components.

This report contains a complete cost analysis and a cost estimate of the VCSEL. Additionally, it features a full comparison of the studied samples, highlighting their similarities and differences and their impact on cost.

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VCSELs – Technology, Industry and Market Trends 2018 – by Yole Développement

3D sensing – and more – in smartphones will drive the VCSEL market for the next five years.

Bundle offer possible for the VCSEL in Smartphone – Comparison 2019 Report by System Plus Consulting, contact us for more information.


This report’s objectives are to:

  • Give a comprehensive picture of the forces driving the VCSEL light source market, technology and industry in the short, middle and long term
  • Allow readers to understand the global landscape related to VCSELs
  • Review main applications of VCSELs, giving insights on principles, technology, technical requirements, trends, key players and more
  • Analyse the technology and industry behind VCSEL light sources and their integration into sensors and modules
  • Provide and analyze market forecasts for VCSEL light sources from 2017 – 2023
  • Present an Intellectual Property (IP) analysis in order for the reader to better understand the patent landscape related to VCSEL device, system and applications

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  • Executive Summary
  • Analyzed VCSEL, by Function
  • Glossary

Company Profile

  • Lumentum
  • ams (Princeton Optronics)
  • Philips Photonics

Market Analysis & Supply Chain

VCSEL Integration

  • Philips Photonics
    • iPhone7/STMicroelectronics ToF
    • Mate 20 Pro Flood Illuminator
  • Princeton Optronics
    • RealSense Flood Illuminator
    • Phab2Pro/Infineon ToF
    • MI8 Flood Illuminator
    • MI8 Dot Projector
    • Mate 20 Pro Dot Projector
  • Lumentum
    • iPhone X Flood Illuminator
    • iPhone X Dot Projector
    • FindX Dot Projector

Physical Analysis

  • Philips Photonics
    • Physical Analysis
    • Process Flow
  • Princeton Optronics
  • Lumentum

Cost Analysis

  • Philips Photonics
    • Epitaxy Wafer Cost
    • Front-End Cost
    • Front-End Step Cost
    • Back-End Hypothesis
    • VCSEL Die Cost
  • Princeton Optronics
  • Lumentum


  • Dot Projector Comparison
  • Flood Illuminator Comparison
  • ToF Comparison
  • VCSEL Epitaxy Comparison
  • VCSEL Die Comparison
  • VCSEL Cost Comparison
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