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SP19491-USound piezoelectric actuator optical view

USound Achelous UT-P 2016 MEMS Speaker

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First mass-produced MEMS speaker based on SOI and PZT thin film technology.

SP19491-USound MEMS speaker package cross-section – SEM view

Voice-enabled devices are shaping people’s everyday lives; smartphones, smart speakers and wireless EarPods integrate both microphones to capture our voices and microspeakers to create sound. The legacy electrodynamic and balanced-armature microspeaker market has reached almost $9B and is expected to grow to more than $10.5B in 2024. Good sound quality, low power consumption and lower physical volume are the main drivers of the microspeaker consumer market.

In this context, System Plus Consulting conducted a full reverse costing study of the USound UT-P 2016, the first mass-produced MEMS speaker. It is smaller than the classical speaker, with a volume of only 49mm3, and has been developed for in-ear audio systems. USound has developed the technology to bring together several MEMS speakers, up to 80, to increase the output sound power and give better spatial sound distribution.

The piezoelectric speaker is manufactured by STMicroelectronics which has developed piezoelectric (PZT) technology to add it to its MEMS portfolio technologies. But the PZT actuator is not the only innovative MEMS process. The actuators are manufactured on thin membranes etched by micromachining on SOI substrates, another specialty of STMicroelectronics.

The secret of the first MEMS speaker is not only in the silicon. The package is very important because the acoustic membrane is fixed onto the package, with a consequent impact on the sound quality. All package structures are designed to enhance sound quality and protect the silicon MEMS, as shown on the cross-section and disassembly pictures.

This report includes technology and cost analysis of the UT-P 2016 MEMS Speaker. These analyses provide the technical intelligence necessary to understand this technology.

SP19491-USound piezoelectric actuator optical viewSP19491-SEM cross-section of piezoelectric actuatorSP19491-USound MEMS speaker - external views

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  • Executive Summary
  • Piezoelectric Devices Analyzed, by Function
  • Glossary

Company Profile

  • USound, STMicroelectronics

Market Analysis

  • Piezoelectric-Based Device Market

Piezoelectric material: Function and Integration

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Package
    • Package views, dimensions and marking
    • Package opening and cross-section
  • MEMS Speaker Die
    • Views, dimensions and marking
    • MEMS opening and cross-section
    • Process characteristics

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • MEMS Front-End Process
  • MEMS Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • Package Assembly Unit
  • Back-End: Final test

Cost analysis

  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
  • MEMS Speaker
    • Front-end cost
    • Wafer and die cost
  • Thin Component
    • Back-end: Packaging and final test cost
    • Component cost


  • Manufacturer Financial Ratios
  • Estimated Manufacturer Price
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