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Transphorm TPH3208PS 650V GaN HEMT: with a simplified cascode structure and enhanced electrical characteristics - System Plus Consulting

Transphorm TPH3208PS 650V GaN HEMT

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In tearing down the new TPH3208PS GaN HEMT from Transphorm, System Plus Consulting has found the company is using a new manufacturing process. The epitaxy is optimized to reduce the die area and increase current density. The transistor’s metal contact and field plate structure have also been shrunk from the previous version.

The TPH3208PS is a 650V EZ-GaN™ HEMT for high frequency operation from Transphorm. Manufactured by Fujitsu and assembled in a TO220 package, it features the Quiet-Tab™ scheme, which increases switching speed.

The TPH3208PS combines a normally-on GaN-on-Silicon HEMT, which withstands high voltages, and a standard low voltage MOSFET, which drives high frequency, in a cascode configuration that ultimately yields a normally-off transistor. The cascode structure has been simplified compared to the previous model. The report shows all changes in the cascode structure.

Based on a complete teardown analysis, the report provides an estimation of the production cost of the package, HEMT, MOSFET and resistor.

The report also proposes a comparison with GaN Systems’ GS66504B 650V HEMT, Panasonic’s PGA26C09DV 600V HEMT and Transphorm’s TPH3206PS 600V HEMT. This comparison highlights the huge differences in design and manufacturing processes and their impact on device size and production cost.

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Overview / Introduction

  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile

  • Transphorm

Physical Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Physical Analysis
  • Package Analysis
    • Package opening
    • Package cross-section
  • HEMT Die
    • HEMT die view and dimensions
    • HEMT die process
    • HEMT die cross-section
    • TEM analysis of epitaxy
    • HEMT die process characteristic
  • MOSFET Die

HEMT Manufacturing Process

  • HEMT Die Front-End Process
  • HEMT Die Fabrication Unit
  • MOSFET Die Fabrication Unit
  • Final Test and Packaging Fabrication Unit

Cost Analysis

  • Overview of the Cost Analysis
  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
  • HEMT die
    • HEMT die front-end cost
    • HEMT die probe test, thinning and dicing
    • HEMT die wafer cost
    • HEMT die cost
    • Wafer cost evolution
    • Die cost evolution
  • MOSFET die
    • MOSFET front-end cost
    • MOSFET die probe test, thinning and dicing
    • MOSFET wafer cost
    • MOSFET die cost
  • Final Device
    • Assembled components cost
    • Overview of the assembly
    • Component cost

Price Analysis

  • Estimation of selling price


  • Comparison with Transphorm and GaN Systems HEMTs
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