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Toshiba – TK31E60W 4thgen DTMOS 600V Super-Junction MOSFET

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The new generation Superjunction MOSFET from Toshiba has several new features.

First, the superjunction is not manufactured with a standard multi-epitaxy process but using a new deep trench filling process. This technique narrows the pitch and results in a Rds(on) that’s 30% lower. Moreover, the process simplification reduces the manufacturing cost by more than 20%.

Second, a trench gate replaces the traditional gate. The trench gate allows a greater reduction in the pitch and the Rds(on).

The DTMOS-4 MOSFET is targeted for power switching applications and offers a better power efficiency.

This report provides a reverse costing analysis of this power transistor with:

  • Detailed photos & Material analysis
  • Step-by-step manufacturing Process Flow
  • Cost breakdown by process steps
  • Final manufacturing cost
  • Selling price estimation


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Executive Summary

 Table of Contents

 Reverse Costing Methodology

 1. Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Package
  • Die Overview
  • Gate
  • Guard Ring
  • MOSFET Cell Super-Junction
  • MOSFET Cell
  • Polysilicon Gate Contact
  • Guard Ring
  • Back Side
  • MOSFET Structure
  • Deep Trench Super-Junction

2. Manufacturing Process

  • DTMOS Transistor Process Flow
  • Process Flow

 3. Manufacturing Cost

  • Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • Yields Explanation
  • MOSFET Unprobed Wafer Cost
  • Wafer Cost per Process Steps
  • Equipment Cost per Family
  • Material Cost per Family
  • Probe Test
  • Dicing and Package
  • Final Test Cost
  • Component Manufacturing Cost
  • Yields Synthesis

 4. Price Estimation





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