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Texas Instruments DLP5531 DMD Automotive - Optical top View - System Plus Consulting

Texas Instruments DLP5531 DMD Automotive

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Automotive & Mobility Industrial
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First high-definition digital micromirror device for headlight automotive applications.

Texas Instruments DLP5531 DMD Automotive - Optical top View - System Plus Consulting

The latest Yole Développement Automotive Advanced Front-Lighting Systems report issued in 2019 estimated that the global LED headlamp market would be worth around $13B in 2020. The market is dominated by basic full LED headlamps, whose share is more than 80%. But matrix pixel LED headlamps are emerging and digital micromirror device (DMD)-based systems are expected to secure significant market share thanks to their 1.3M pixel resolution.

DLP5531-Q1, developed by Texas Instruments, is a DMD for automotive headlights. This full reverse costing study has been conducted to provide its technology data, manufacturing cost and selling price.

The DLP5531-Q1 is a Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical System (MOEMS) using an array of micromirrors, with 1.3 Mpixel resolution in 1153 x 1153 format. This DMD has been selected by Audi for its high-end e-tron and A6 cars and by Mercedes for the latest Maybach.

The micromirror device is protected by a wafer level package. The component is assembled on a large ceramic pin grid array package to allow low and high temperature operation. The MOEMS is manufactured by Texas Instruments and is assumed to take place in a 200mm wafer fab unit in the USA. Technologies for high temperature operation seal the cavity and enhance the vacuum inside the component.

This reverse costing study provides insights into technological data, manufacturing cost, and selling price of the DLP5531-Q1 MEMS DMD. These analyses provide the technical intelligence necessary to understand this technology. They also provide optical and SEM pictures with comments and dimensions helping to understand the technology and the manufacturing process flow.

Texas Instruments DLP5531 DMD Automotive - Wafer level package cross-section – optical view - System Plus Consulting Texas Instruments DLP5531 DMD Automotive - SEM View - System Plus Consulting Texas Instruments DLP5531 DMD Automotive - Cap – Optical view - System Plus Consulting
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  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile

  • Texas Instruments

Market Analysis

  • Ecosystem and Forecast

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Package
    • Package views, dimensions and marking
    • Package opening
  • MEMS DMD Die
    • Views, dimensions and marking
    • MEMS opening
    • Cross-section
    • ROIC characteristics
    • Process characteristics

Manufacturing Process

  • Overview
  • MEMS Front-End Process
  • MEMS Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • Package Assembly Unit
  • Back-End: Final test

Cost Analysis

  • Summary of the Cost Analysis
  • Yields Explanations and Hypotheses
    • Front-end cost
    • Wafer and die cost
  • Components
    • Back-end : packaging and final test cost
    • Component cost

Price Estimation

  • Definition of Prices
  • Manufacturer Financial ratios
  • Estimated Manufacturer price
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