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TDK SESUB Bluetooth Module

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Although  the embedded die market is still in an early phase, by 2021 its revenues will reach $50  million.  It  will have  a  compound annual growth rate for consumer applications in the range of 45% according to Yole Développement.

Against this backdrop, TDK has released the world’s smallest Bluetooth 4.1 low energy (LE) module, the SESUB-PAN-D14580. With dimensions of 3.5mm x 3.5mm, it offers a footprint reduction of 60% compared to modules with discrete components. Thanks to its miniature size, light weight and low power consumption, the module is ideal for use in battery-powered wearable devices.

The module is packaged with TDK’s SESUB (semiconductor embedded in substrate) technology. It embeds a Dialog Semiconductor DA14580 Bluetooth chip into a 4-layer printed circuit board substrate and features an integrated DC-DC converter. This technology extends the package size beyond the integrated circuit surface area and allows additional passive components to be mounted on top of the laminated module.

SESUB is a Chip-First Face-Up process. Initially, all the packaging steps were realized internally at the panel-scale level by TDK, but more recently it announced a joint venture with ASE to support Embedded Die SESUB technology. With this packaging approach, TDK considerably changed the conventional supply chain model, where the chip maker sells directly to the system maker. Here the module maker takes a larger role by adding considerable value.

The report includes an in-depth physical analysis of the Bluetooth module, and a complete description of the manufacturing process flow. For the first time, the cost estimation of the module has been realized in partnership with SavanSys Solutions to provide even more detail.

Also, we compare TDK’s SESUB with AT&S’ Embedded Component Packaging (ECP) to understand the technology choices made by each company.

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Overview / Introduction

Company Profile

  • Embedded Die Market
  • TDK Company Profile
  • SESUB Presentation, Supply Chain and Roadmap
  • SESUB Production Location and Capacity

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Module
    • Module views and dimensions
    • Module opening
    • Module delayering
  • IC Die
    • View, dimensions and markings
    • Delayering and main block identification
    • Process
    • Cross-section
  • Module Cross-Section
    • Complete PCB
    • Vias
    • Die edges
    • RDL
    • Copper reveal

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • IC Process and IC Fab Unit Description
  • SESUB Process Flow
  • SESUB Fab Unit Description
  • Module Assembly Process
  • Module Assembly Unit Description

Cost Analysis

  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
  • IC Die
    • IC front-end and wafer cost
    • IC die cost and price
  • SESUB Packaging
    • SESUB panel cost
    • SESUB panel cost by process step
    • SESUB cost per module
  • Module
    • Passives components cost
    • Final assembly cost
    • Final assembly cost per process step and per module
    • Module cost

Estimated Price Analysis

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