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Camera Module Suplier Comparison 2020 - System Plus Consulting

Smartphone Camera Module Comparison 2020 Vol 2: Focus on Samsung

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Evolution of Samsung’s smartphone camera since 2016 with detailed technical and cost analyses of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7.

Camera Module Suplier Comparison 2020 - System Plus Consulting

Smartphone market saturation has created a high-competition environment in which cameras play a central role in maintaining the CCM industry’s momentum. Driven by the proliferation of cameras per mobile handsets; the global camera module industry reached $31.3B in 2019, and should attain $57.0B in 2025, according to Yole Developpement.

The present state-of-the-art of CMOS technology provides better resolution and smaller pixels, low power consumption and cost improvements. Samsung is a major player among CIS manufacturers and high-end smartphone suppliers. In recent years, we observed that Samsung has rolled-out multi-camera smartphones. Its technical choices are not always linear, showing Samsung is not afraid to innovate and test different solutions to enhance photography.

System Plus Consulting has produced a report completely dedicated to Samsung’s technical choices. The report includes a complete technology and cost analysis of the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra camera modules. These analyses include optical and SEM pictures of the CIS die, the lens module, the prism, the voice coil motor (VCM) and the housing.

The report gives detailed technical information about the cameras, such as module surface, camera volume, number and type of lenses, resolution, pixel size, CIS technology node and others. Moreover, the report includes a summary of the other Samsung smartphone series, including the Galaxy Notes, Galaxy A series, Samsung Fold and Galaxy J.

Camera module cross-section - System Plus Consulting CMOS image sensor cross-section - System Plus Consulting Camera module opening comparison 2020 - System Plus Consulting
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Company Profile and Supply Chain 

  • SEMCO/Samsung
  • Players and Market Forecast

Physical Comparison

  • Camera Module Overview
  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
    • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Summary Table
    • Samsung Galaxy A Series
    • Samsung Galaxy J Series
    • Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Physical Evolution

  • Display Evolution
  • Samsung Front Camera Evolution
  • Samsung Rear Camera Evolution
  • Samsung Pixel Technology
  • Bonding and Stacking Evolution

Detailed Physical  and Cost Analysis

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
    • Front and rear camera
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
    • Dual front and rear camera
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Front and rear camera
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • Front and rear camera
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
    • Front and rear camera

Cost Comparison

  • CIS Die Cost Comparison
    • Front and rear facing
  • Total CIS Die Price
  • CM Cost Comparison
    • Front and rear facing
  • Total CM Price
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