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SMA Sunny Boy 1.5 – Solar inverter

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EUR 6990
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With a nominal power of 1.5KWAC, the transformer-less inverter, which provides one MPPT and a peak efficiency of 97.2%, offers a suitable solution for small size photovoltaic system owners. It enables grid-injection as well as self-consumption, following the new trend in solar inverters. Integrated Ethernet and WLAN interfaces offer multiple possibilities for communication and data monitoring. Delivered without display, the integrated user interface makes possible to monitor system data on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

The system uses a specific power module from Vincotech and electrolytic capacitors from Epcos.

The WLAN board integrates a SMD WiFi Module, a chip Antenna but also a 3-axis MEMS Accelerometer.

Based on a complete teardown analysis, the reverse costing report of the SMA Sunny Boy SB1.5-1VL40 Inverter provides the bill-of-material of the product and an estimation of the production cost of the solar inverter.

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  • Executive Summary
  • Company Profile & Main Features
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Physical Analysis

  • Views and Dimensions of the Packaging
  • Packaging Opening
  • Accessories
  • Views and Dimensions of the Inverter
  • External Interfaces
  • Inverter Opening
  • Electronic Boards
    • Main Board
    • WLAN Board
  • VINCOTECH Power Module Analysis
    • Power Module – Global View
    • Power Module Opening
    • Power Module BOM
    • IGBT & Diode Dies analysis
    • Functional Scheme

Cost Analysis

  • Accessing the BOM
  • Estimation of the cost of the PCBs
  • Estimation of the Housing Part Cost
  • BOM Cost – Packaging & Housing
  • Estimation of the Power Module Cost
  • BOM Cost – Main Board & WLAN Board
  • Material Cost Breakdown
  • ABC Breakdown
  • Accessing the Added Value (AV) cost
  • Main Board Manufacturing Flow
  • WLAN Board Manufacturing Flow
  • Details of the Housing Assembly & Functional Test Costs
  • Added Value Cost Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Estimated Price Analysis

  • Estimation of the Manufacturing Price
  • Functional Cost Breakdown
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