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Silicon capacitor: Discover differences between technologies from TSMC, Skyworks, Murata / IPDiA and Vishay, their related costs - System Plus Consulting

Silicon Capacitor Technology and Cost Review

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This report presents an in-depth analysis of silicon capacitors that adopt different structures including metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS), metal–nitride-oxide–silicon (MNOS), and Deep Trench. It shows the differences between eight selected devices from TSMC, Murata/IPDiA, Vishay and Skyworks: all the major producers on the market and their new technologies.

For each device, the report details the manufacturing process and materials used, component design, and die size. It then compares the components’ sizes, materials and characteristics including technical and electrical parameters in detail.

Silicon capacitors are passive devices used in specific applications, such as radio frequency, medical, aerospace, automotive, circuit decoupling and electrostatic discharge protection.

This report provides a unique opportunity to understand the technology choices, technology roadmap, evolution and manufacturing cost of the major silicon capacitor manufacturers, to give the bases for an optimal choice of components during design and integration.

The miniaturization of electronic devices and systems always requires better integration of all the components, including the passive ones. It is with this aim that we have compared the major characteristics of each capacitor.

The report includes comparison of cost, selling prices and front-end processes.

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Overview / Introduction

  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile

  • IPDiA Profile and Products
  • Vishay Profile and Products
  • Skyworks Profile and Products
  • TSMC Profile and Products

Physical Analysis

  • IPDiA
    • 935-121-427-710
    • 935-121-424-410
    • 935-121-425-610
    • 935-125-42S-710
  • Vishay
    • RFCS04021500CBTT1
    • RFCS04024000DBTT1
  • Skyworks
    • SC00380912
  • TSMC
    • GS25 in iPhone 7 plus

Physical comparison

  • Design Comparison
  • Height Comparison
  • Material Comparison
  • Capacitance Analysis

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Summary
  • Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • Capacitor Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Summary
  • IPDiA Cost Analysis
  • Vishay Cost Analysis
  • Skyworks Cost Analysis
  • TSMC Cost Analysis

Selling Price

  • Definition of Prices
  • Cost and Price Comparison Results
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