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Sensor Electronic Technology Inc. (SETi) - UVTOP270TO39HS and SS35DF227513 UVC LEDs for disinfection and chemical analysis System Plus Consulting


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This report combines the analysis of two components in order to offer a broad vision of the technologies used by UVC LEDs in terms of applications and power output. The UVTOP270TO39HS and SS35DF227513 are two 275nm UVC LEDs from Sensor Electronic Technology Inc. (SETi). The UVTOP270TO39HS, with its hemispherical lens and 0.1mm² LED, is adapted for fluorescent spectroscopy and chemical/biological analysis. The SS35DF227513, with its flat window, is designed for disinfection.

The two LED dies are based on the same technology: an AlN template layer deposited on a sapphire substrate. The AlGaN active layers are epitaxied on the AlN layer, but the thickness is very different between the two dies. The SS35DF227513 is manufactured using the latest SETi technological evolution. The new AlN and AlGaN structure reduces the defect density to enhance external quantum efficiency. At 1mm², the SS35DF227513 is 9x taller than SETi’s first UVC LED and boasts 15x more power.

The TO39 with a hemispherical lens is an expensive package, but it is destined for instrumentation. The new SMD3535 package in the SS35DF227513’s ceramic is cheaper and designed for disinfection with a large viewing angle and better thermal resistance that allows continuous use of the 1mm² LED.

This report delivers a deep technology analysis of the packaging and the components, with images of the complex AlN and AlGaN epitaxy layer stack and electrode structure. Also included are a production cost analysis and an overall comparison with the first SETi UVC LED.

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  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile 

  • SETi Profile


Physical Analysis 

  • Package
    • Physical analysis methodology
    • Package views & dimensions
    • Package opening
    • Package cross-section
    • Package process
  • LED Die
    • LED views & dimensions
    • Epitaxy
    • Cathode
    • Anode
    • LED thickness
    • LED characteristics

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • LED Fabrication Unit
  • LED Process Flow
  • Package Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
  • Main Steps of the Economic Analysis
  • Yields Hypotheses
  • AlN Template Cost
  • Epitaxy Step
  • LED Epitaxy Cost
  • LED Front-End Cost
  • LED Wafer Cost
  • LED Cost Per Process Steps
  • Back-End: Probe and Cleaving Cost
  • Packaging Cost
  • Final Assembly Cost
  • Component Cost

Price Estimation

SETI UV LED: Comparison Between Old and New 


The Table of Contents are similar for both components.


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