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Electronic board Tilted optical view Sensonor STIM318 IMU

Sensonor STIM318 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

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EUR 6990
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Newest IMU with 9-axis detection and gyro bias instability of 0.3°/h from Sensonor.

Electronic board Tilted optical view Sensonor STIM318 IMU

The high-end inertial systems market was worth more than US$3 billion in 2019, according to Yole Développement. It may surpass the US$4 billion milestone by 2025. Defense accounted for 40% of this market, while commercial aerospace comprised 26%.

In this dynamic context, System Plus Consulting provides a full reverse costing study to give insight into technology data, manufacturing cost and selling price of the STIM318 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) supplied by Sensonor.

STIM318 is the newest IMU proposed by Sensonor. It is a tactical grade, non-GPS aided, 9-axis IMU containing three highly accurate MEMS gyroscopes, three single-axis accelerometers and two dual-axis accelerometers.

The MEMS gyroscope dies use a ButterflyGyro™ structure. They are associated with Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) dies, mounted on a silicon interposer and connected to the housing of the module, reducing mechanical strain.

Compared to STIM210 gyro module, the STIM318 IMU’s single-axis accelerometers and dual-axis accelerometers are new. A detailed comparison between STIM318 IMU and STIM210 gyro module is included in this report. The comparisons highlight differences in terms of structure and cost.

A full reverse costing dedicated to the technology and cost analyses of the single-axis and dual-axis accelerometers found in STIM318 IMU is available in another System Plus Consulting report, namely: “Safran Colibrys MS1010 & MEMSIC MXA2500M High-End Accelerometers”.

Die cross-section SEM view Sensonor STIM318 IMU
Module opening - Tilted optical view Sensonor STIM318 IMU MEMS die optical view - Sensonor STIM318 IMU
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  • Executive Summary
  • High-End Inertial Market: Application Landscape Summary

Company Profile

  • Sensonor Company Profile
  • Products Portfolio
  • STIM318 Datasheet

Physical Analysis

  • Module : Views and Dimensions, Package Opening
  • Electronic Board: Component Identification
  • Sensonor Gyroscope
    • Digital and mixed-signal ASICS
    • MEMS die: Dimensions and cross-sections

Physical Comparison

  • STIM318 vs STIM210: Electronic Board and Die Comparison

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Electronic Board Assembly Process and Unit
  • Sensonor Gyroscope
    • ASIC and MEMS wafer front-end process and fabrication unit
    • Component packaging and test, process and unit
  • Module Assembly Process and Unit

Cost and Price Analysis

  • Sensonor Gyroscope
    • ASIC and MEMS wafer and die cost
    • Package assembly and component cost
  • Electronic Board BOM and Assembly and Test Cost
  • STIM318 BOM and Assembly and Test Cost
  • STIM318 Module Cost and Price

Cost Comparison

  • STIM318 vs STIM210
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