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Sensonor STIM210 – High-precision MEMS Gyro Module

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EUR 6990
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MEMS gyroscopes for tactical grade applications made a lot of progress in the past few years in term of reliability. They are now accepted in high-reliability environments, and are even starting to replace FOGs and other technologies in tactical applications.

With a bias instability of 0.5°/h, the Sensonor STIM210 is the world highest performance silicon MEMS gyroscope. The module is available without export control (ITAR-free). The analyzed module is a complete system offering 3 axes MEMS gyros associated with a 32-bit microcontroller which provides flexibility in device configuration.

STIM210 applications are typically found within Industrial, Aerospace and Defense markets, for various platform stabilizations, pointing and navigation systems, attitude heading reference systems (AHRSs), inertial navigation systems (INSs), smart munitions, missiles, 3D mapping systems, range finders, trains, robotics, and more. For many applications STIM210 directly replaces FOGs and improves system solutions with respect to robustness, reliability, size, weight, power and cost.


  • Detailed Photos
  • BOM Identification
  • Precise Measurements
  • Material Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Flow
  • Supply Chain Evaluation
  • Manufacturing Cost Analysis
  • Selling Price Estimation
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 Company Profile

 Physical Analysis

  • Module

Views, Dimensions & Pin-out


  • Electronic Board

Components Markings

Components Identification

Bare Dies Connections

  • ASICs

View, Dimensions & Marking

Delayering, Process Identification


  • MEMS Gyro

View, Dimensions & Marking

Bond Pads & Bond Pads Opening

MEMS Cap Removed

MEMS Sensing Area

MEMS Gyro Principle

MEMS Cross-Section: Masses

MEMS Cross-Section: Electrode

MEMS Cross-Section: Buried Connections

MEMS Cross-Section: Getter

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • ASICs Front-End Processes & Wafer Fab Units
  • MEMS Process Flow & Wafer Fab Unit
  • Module Assembly Process Flow & Assembly Unit

 Cost Analysis

  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • Yields Hypotheses
  • ASICs Cost

Front-End Cost

Probe Test & Dicing Cost

Wafer & Die Cost

  • MEMS Gyro Cost

Front-End Cost

Front-End Cost per process steps

Probe Test & Dicing Cost

Wafer & Die Cost

BOM Cost

  • Electronic Board BOM Cost

Housing BOM Cost

Material Cost Breakdown

  • Module Assembly & Test Cost

Electronic Board Assembly Cost

Housing Assembly Cost

Final Test & Calibration Cost

  • STIM210 Module Cost & Estimated Price


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