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The SKiM306GD12E4 is a 1200V 300A 6-pack configuration with 3 separated half bridges for high reliability operation.

Semikron uses silver sinter technology to increase the durability and pressure contact to obtain a solderless power module.

The SKiM306GD12E4 is based on IGBT4 technology from Infineon and CAL4-F diode. Semikron has designed the CAL4-F diode to be very efficient with the IGBT4. The diode has been designed to obtain a good resistance to environment in a non hermetic package and benefits from the expertise of Semikron in the irradiation to reduce the carrier lifetime.

The SKIM 63 module is a no baseplate design. The DBC substrates are directly assembled on the heatsink to enhance the power management and reduce the height of the module.

The sinter layer is very thin to decrease the thermal resistance and limit the cost of silver material. With a cost close to a classic SAC solder, the sintered joint increases the service life.

The report presents a deep technology analysis of the packaging and of the transistors and diodes structures.

It also includes production cost analysis and an overall comparison with Infineon FS100R12PT4 1200V 100A.


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Overview / Introduction

Companies Profile

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Package
    • View and dimensions
    • Housing
    • Base Plate Cross-Section
    • DBC Cross-Section
    • SKIM 63 Module
  • IGBT Die
    • Dimension
    • Gate Supply Line
    • Guard Ring
    • Trench Gate Cross-Section
    • Revelation
    • Infineon IGBT4 vs IGBT3
  • Diode Die
    • Dimension
    • Guard Ring
    • Revelation

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Overview
  • IGBT and Diode Process Flow
  • Description of the Wafer Fabrication Units
  • IGBT Process Flow
  • Diode Process Flow
  • Package Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • Yields Hypotheses
  • Cost Analysis IGBT
  • Wafer Cost Hypothesis
  • IGBT Wafer Cost
  • Breakdown per process step
  • IGBT Probe Cost
  • IGBT Die cost
  • Cost Analysis Diode
  • Cost Analysis SKiM306GD12E4
  • Assessing BOM
  • DBC Cost
  • SKiM306GD12E4 Module Cost
  • Yield Synthesis

Price Estimation

  • Comparison SKiM306GD12E4 and Infineon FS100R12PT4
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