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Consumer Physics SCiO: Mobile Spectrometer Dongle, world’s first pocket-sized molecular sensor that can be integrated into consumer smartphones- System Plus Consulting

SCiO Molecular Sensor from Consumer Physics: Mobile Spectrometer Dongle

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For a long time, spectral analysis of materials has been limited to academic research. Everyday application of this type of analysis could bring new interactions in areas including food, fitness and medication. Starting with a crowdfunding campaign, and following the path of companies like FLIR, Consumer Physics, which was formerly Verifood Ltd., has created the first dongle molecular sensor, the SCiO Spectrometer. Thanks to big data and cloud technology, the dongle spectrometer claims to take the spectral fingerprint of any substance and quantify or identify any compound.

Consumer Physics is the first to bring spectrometry to consumers. Unlike other spectrometers, Consumer Physics produces a very simple package based on a tiny spectrometer head, with an area of 13 mm x 19 mm.

The SCiO Spectrometer integrates a 1.2 M pixel monochromatic CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor, a white LED from OSRAM and a bespoke filter/lens array. The LED is coupled to a reflector in the illumination module, which shines light on the analyzed substance, whose molecules absorb specific wavelengths. The received light in the spectrometer module is filtered and broken up into different wavelengths by the various lenses. Finally, the image sensor gives an instant response from the analyzed substance.

To provide spectral analysis, SCiO’s distinguishing feature eliminates the optical network usual in spectrometers, replacing it with a bespoke Fabry-Perot filter. All data processing is done by a chipset developed and produced by Analog Devices on a high-density printed circuit board.

Based on a complete teardown of the SCiO Spectrometer, the report provides technology and cost analysis with a detailed focus on the spectrometer head. Complete cost analysis is provided, fully disclosing the potential for mass adoption of the component.

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Overview / Introduction

Company Profile

System Physical Analysis

  • Views and Dimensions
  • System Opening and Overview
  • Main Electronic Board
    • Top side – high definition photo
    • Top side – main component markings
    • Top side – main component identification
    • Bottom side – high definition photo
    • Bottom side – component markings
    • Bottom side – component identification
    • Thermal paste EDX analysis

Cost Analysis

  • Assessing the BOM
  • Electronic Board PCB and BOM Cost
  • Housing BOM Cost
  • Material Cost Breakdown

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Detail of Electronic Board Added Value (AV) Cost
  • Housing Board Added Value (AV) Cost
  • Added Value Cost Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Selling Price

  • Estimation of the Manufacturing Price
  • Estimation of the Selling Price

Overview / Introduction

Company Profile

Spectrometer Head  Physical Analysis

  • Spectrometer Head Package
    • Package view, dimensions and disassembly
    • Top package disassembly and cross-section: window, diffuser, reflector
  • Spectrometer Module
    • Filter and lens array view, dimensions and cross-section
  • Image Sensor
    • CIS view, dimensions, pixels, main blocks and cross-section
  • Illumination Module
    • LED view, dimensions, package opening and package/die cross section
  • Temperature Sensor Module

Spectrometer Head Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Yield Hypotheses
  • CMOS Image Sensor Cost
    • CIS, filter and microlens front-end cost, CIS wafer and die cost
  • Lens & Filter Array Cost
    • Lens and filter front-end cost, front-end cost per process step, die cost and assembly cost
  • Spectrometer Head Final Assembly and Component Cost

Estimated Price Analysis

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