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MEMS FingerPrint

Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Sensor

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For the second time Samsung introduces in its products a fingerprint sensor based on PCB capacitive technology, but with significant innovations

Samsung’s technological choice for the second fingerprint sensor is to continue using Synaptics’ PCB technology but modify totally the capacitive sensing technology, increasing the processing capability of the CMOS and innovative method to detect the presence of an object.

Unlike the Galaxy S5’ fingerprint, it does not require anymore to swipe the finger to get the finger image.

Located above the home button, the sensor is incorporated within a rectangular shaped housing composed of an aluminum ring and an aluminum base. The sensor is protected by a white plastic cover and supported by innovative assembly of rigid and flex PCB.

The report includes comparisons between Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor and the latest Apple’s and Huawei’s fingerprints buttons.

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Overview / Introduction

Synaptics/Samsung Company Profile

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Fingerprint Button assembly
    • Package View & Dimensions
    • Package Opening
    • Package Cross-Section
  • Sensing PCB
    • Dimensions & Markings
    • Delayering
    • PCB Process
    • PCB Cross-Section
  • ASIC Die
    • Dimensions & Markings
    • Delayering
    • IC Process
    • Die Cross-Section
  • Bottom PCB
    • Dimensions & Markings
    • Delayering
    • PCB Process
    • PCB Cross-Section

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • IC Front-End Process
  • IC Fabrication Unit
  • PCB fabrication Unit
  • Packaging Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Main steps of economic analysis
  • Yields Hypotheses
  • ASIC Front-End Cost
  • Back-End 0 : Probe Test & Dicing
  • Wafer & Die Cost
  • Sensing PCB Cost
  • Back-End: Packaging Cost
  • Back-End: Final Test Cost
  • Component Cost & Price

Technology and Cost comparison with Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor

Technology and Cost comparison with Apple’s iPhone 6 and Huawei’s Ascend Mate fingerprint sensors


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