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RFFEM Technical & Cost Comparison 2021 - 5G Chipset - Component Observation - System Plus Consulting

RF Front-End Module Comparison 2021 – Vol. 2 – Focus on 5G Chipset

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Technical and cost overview of the evolution of radio frequency front-end module technologies integrated in 5G mmWave and Sub-6 GHz Phones.

RFFEM Technical & Cost Comparison 2021 - 5G Chipset - iP Components - System Plus Consulting
Last year System Plus opened hundreds of Front-End Modules (FEMs) and components to provide an overview of the Radio Frequency (RF) FEM market in selected flagship smartphones. We gathered the information into four reports to track the evolution of this technology market.
This year, System Plus Consulting again offers technical and cost comparisons of smartphone RFFEMs. Every comparison report will focus on a specific subject. It can be a player’s evolution, a specific technology, or a comparison of flagship devices.

This, the second volume of 2021, provides insights into technology and cost data for FEMs and several components found in 31 smartphones from the latest 5G phones. It provides a ranking of 5G phones and suppliers. It features a comprehensive overview of the RFFEM architectures on the market, comparing available smartphones from these companies. It reveals material substrate trends and main used die functions, along with the different choices in integration of communication technology. We even see millimeter wavelength (mmWave) signal support this year. Also, the report reveals how companies are integrating 5G, from premium to low-end phones.
With teardowns of the smartphones, the main RF modules and components have been extracted and physically analyzed, from the output of the transceiver to the antenna. Packaging, sizes, and technologies are studied to provide a large panel of technical and economic choices and an overview of the market.
Every component has been analyzed to understand the manufacturing process cost.

Moreover, the report includes a technical and cost comparison of the modules. It also tries to explain the smartphone makers’ choices and supplier tendencies.

RFFEM Technical & Cost Comparison 2021 - 5G Chipset - Component Opening - System Plus Consulting RFFEM Technical & Cost Comparison 2021 - 5G Chipset - Component Observation - System Plus ConsultingRFFEM Technical & Cost Comparison 2021 - 5G Chipset - iPhone 12 Pro max - Main Board - System Plus Consulting
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Company Profile: Apple

Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, OnePlus, Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Meizu, RealMe, ZTE, Sharp 5G Smartphone Teardown

  • Physical and Cost Analysis
    • Baseband Analysis
      • Qualcomm RxTx Analysis
      • HiSilicon RxTx Analysis
      • Mediatek RxTx Analysis
      • Samsung RxTx Analysis
      • SoC Comparison
    • 5G Sub-6 Analysis
      • PAMiD Front-End Analysis
        • B41/n41, UHB, MB/HB, n77/n78, n77/n78/n79 Module Analysis
      • PAM Front-End Analysis
        • n1/n3/n7/n28, n77/n78/n79, LB/UHB module Analysis
      • Multiplexer Front-End Analysis
        • GPS/4G/5G module Analysis
      • Diversity Front-End Analysis
        • n77/n78/n79, UHB Module Analysis
      • 5G Sub-6 & mmWave Analysis
        • FEM Module Analysis
          • n260/n261, n79 Module Analysis
        • 5G mmWave Analysis
          • n260/n261 AiP Module Analysis
        • Physical Comparison
          • Area Distribution per Supplier and Function
          • Die Design Win by Number and Area
          • Die Distribution per Function
          • Filter Distribution per Smartphone: Technology and Substrate
          • PA/LNA/Switch Distribution per Smartphone: Technology and Substrate
          • Material Substrate Distribution per Smartphone
        • Cost Comparison
          • Chipset Cost Evolution
          • Cost Distribution per Supplier and Function
          • RxTx Cost Evaluation
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