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Qualcomm Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Cells

Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sense™ ID 3D Fingerprint

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LeEco, a rising star in smartphone design in China, has launched its latest flagship phone, the LeMax Pro, featuring the Snapdragon 820 chipset and the new fingerprint Snapdragon Sense ID. Both devices come from the world leader in mobile technologies, Qualcomm. The fingerprint sensor uses novel ultrasonic technology developed by Qualcomm, offering 3D imaging of the fingerprint.

The LeMax Pro from LeEco is the first to feature the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm. The sensor is located on the back of the device under 400 µm of metal, allowing more convenient and frequent authentication.

The sensor itself is also the first of its kind. Powered by an ultrasonic-based fingerprint biometric solution, it provides a more secure, reliable alternative to capacitive-based fingerprint sensors. The solution also features a QBIC (Qualcomm Biometric Integrated Circuit), which is described in this report, designed to protect users’ biometric information. This enhances the user experience with a convenient and secure alternative to passwords, new device design options, and by consistently scanning through common fingerprint contaminants, including water and oil.

Complete chip fabrication processes and cost estimates are presented in the report. It also includes comparison with capacitive fingerprint sensors found in smartphones from Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

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Company Profile

  • Qualcomm

Physical Analysis

  • Overview of the Physical Analysis
  • LeECO LeMax Pro X820 Disassembly
    • Fingerprint Sensor Removal
    • Fingerprint Sensor Assembly View
    • Fingerprint Sensor Cross Section
  • Sensor Die
    • View and Dimensions
    • PMUT
    • Edge Contacts
    • Amplification Stage
    • Process
    • Cross-Section
  • IC Control Unit
    • Package View and Dimensions
    • Package Cross-Section
    • Die View, Marking and Dimensions
    • Die Delayering and Main Block Identification
    • Die Process
    • Die Cross-Section

Sensor Manufacturing Process

  • Sensor Die Front-End Process and Fabrication Unit
  • ASIC Die Front-End Process and Fabrication Unit
  • Final Test and Packaging Fabrication Unit
  • Summary of the Main Parts

Cost Analysis 

  • Overview of the Cost Analysis
  • Main Steps in the Economic Analysis
  • Yields Explanation and Hypotheses
  • Sensor Die
    • Front-End Cost
    • Probe Test, Thinning and Dicing
    • Wafer Cost
    • Cost
  • ASIC Component
    • ASIC Die Wafer Cost
    • ASIC Die Cost
    • ASIC Component Packaging Cost
  • Complete Module Fingerprint
    • Assembled Components Cost
    • Overview of the Component Cost
    • Fingerprint Component Price
    • Assembly
    • Fingerprint

Fingerprint Sensors Comparison

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