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SP19425 - SEMCO Embedded Die in Qualcomm QET5100M_1

Qualcomm QET5100M Envelope Tracker Module with SEMCO’s Embedded Die Packaging Technology

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The first device featuring six-layer embedded die packaging technology found in the consumer market from SEMCO and Amkor.

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The embedded die market has recently become attractive, as it’s set to build rapidly on total revenue estimated at $21 million in 2018. Yole Développement estimates that this revenue will nearly quadruple by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for consumer applications around 28%. Several players are known to produce such packaging in the industry such as TDK, Intel, AT&S, Schweizer, …. New players are trying to enter this market by developing new technologies. Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. (SEMCO) has started a new wave by introducing its recent six-layer embedded PCB substrate technology into the Qualcomm QET5100M envelope tracker for handset applications.

The module embeds a Qualcomm Envelope Tracking Integrated Circuit (IC) into a SEMCO 6-layer PCB substrate and features an integrated DC-DC converter assembled by Amkor. This technology extends the package size beyond the IC surface area. This allows additional passive components to be mounted on top of the laminated module.

SEMCO’s embedded die technology is a Chip-First Face-Down process realized at panel scale level. Unlike AT&S’s or TDK’s embedded die process, SEMCO uses a 2-layer PCB core with a cavity and a 4-layer built-up structure to embed the die. With this new approach and Amkor’s partnership, SEMCO has shown that PCB makers takes a larger role by adding considerable value.

The report includes an in-depth physical analysis of the envelope tracking module, and a complete description of the manufacturing process flow. Also, it compares SEMCO’s embedded die technology with TDK’s Semiconductor Embedded in SUBstrate (SESUB) to understand the technology choices made by each company.

SP19425 - SEMCO Embedded Die in Qualcomm QET5100M_1SP19425 - SEMCO Embedded Die in Qualcomm QET5100MSP19425 - SEMCO Embedded Die in Qualcomm QET5100M_4

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Qualcomm Company Profile

Motorola Moto Mod 5G Teardown

Market Analysis

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
    • Embedded die packaging analysis
    • Package view and dimensions
    • X-ray and package opening analysis: Components, dimensions, line/space
    • Package cross-section: PCB substrate, shielding, materials, structures
    • Package process analysis
  • IC Die Analysis
    • Die view and dimensions
    • Die delayering and main block IDs
    • Die cross-section: Substrate, metal layers, RDLs
    • Die process

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • IC Die Process and Fabrication Unit
  • Embedded Die Packaging Process Flow and Fabrication Unit

Cost Analysis

  • Overview of the Cost Analysis
  • Supply Chain Description
  • Yield Hypotheses
  • IC Die Cost Analyses
    • Front-end cost
    • Wafer and die cost
  • Package Cost Analysis
    • Embedded die packaging front-end cost
    • Embedded die packaging cost by process step
    • Module assembly cost
  • Final Test Cost
  • Component Cost

Estimated Price Analysis

Comparison Between TDK’s and SEMCO’s Solutions for Embedded Die

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