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SP19478 - Qorvo QM76018 RF SiP Apple iPhone Xr_3_logo

Qorvo QM76018 RFFEM in the Apple iPhone Xr

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First mid/high-band front-end module from Qorvo in an Apple phone with advanced packaging.

SP19478 - Qorvo QM76018 RF SiP Apple iPhone Xr_1_logo

Every year, Apple adopts innovative technology in the radio-frequency (RF) area. In its 2018 mid-range flagship, the iPhone Xr, the company used the latest and most advanced filter and packaging technology, dual sourcing from Broadcom, formerly Avago Technologies, and Qorvo. This latest Front-End Module (FEM) is the first High/Mid-Band Power Amplifier Module with integrated Duplexer (HB/MB PAMiD) from Qorvo to be integrated in an Apple phone. The module includes a flip-chip power amplifier on a GaAs substrate and advanced Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding, allowing frequency band isolation in the same System-in-Package (SiP).

In 2018, Qorvo supplied the Xr version of the iPhone with a module that is pin-to-pin compatible with the Broadcom AFEM-8092, the QM76018. Like the AFEM-8092, the QM78016 is a Mid/High-Band Long Term Evolution (LTE) FEM. As usual, it features several dies: Power Amplifier, Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Switch, Filters and Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC). The Filters still use Qorvo’s Copper Flip technology with a polymer cavity enabling thermal dissipation. For the first time, the Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filters are using Scandium Doped Aluminum Nitride (AlScN) as a piezoelectric material and integrate passive capacitor devices on the die.

For this special version, Qorvo has integrated the same advanced features as Broadcom. The first is a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) on a SOI substrate. The second is EMI micro shielding inside the PCB substrate to reduce interference between the dies. Thanks to all these innovations, Qorvo is able to supply a similar device to Broadcom’s in terms of performance, but also a cost-effective component with a very low number of input/output (I/O) connections.

In this report, we analyze the complete FEM SiP, including a complete analysis of the LNA, the filtering dies, the internal and external EMI shielding and the Power Amplifier. The report also features a cost analysis and a price estimation of the component. Finally, it also integrates a physical and cost comparison of the AFEM-8092 Mid/High band LTE FEM also used in the Apple iPhone Xr.


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Qorvo Company Profile

Apple iPhone Xr – Teardown

Market Analysis

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Package
    • Views and dimensions
    • Package opening: Power amplifier, switch, RF IC, filters
    • Package Cross-section: Overview, Dimensions, Substrate, Shielding
    • Package Physical Data Summary
  • Power Amplifier, Switch Die
    • Views, dimensions, and markings
    • Die overview and cross-section
  • LNA Die
  • Views, dimensions, and markings
  • Die overview and delayering
  • Die process and die cross-section
  • Filter Dies
    • Views, Dimensions, Opening and Markings
    • Die Overview: Copper Pillars, Substrate, Cells, passives
    • Die Cross-Section: Capping, passives, SMR Structure
  • Filter Physical Data Summary

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Die Process
  • Die Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • Die Process Flow
  • Packaging Process Flow

Cost analysis

  • Cost Analysis Overview
  • Main Steps Used in the Economic Analysis
  • Yield Hypotheses
  • Filter Die Cost
    • Front-end (FE) cost
    • Filter wafer front-end cost by process Step
    • Wafer and die cost
  • LNA Die Cost
    • Front-end (FE) cost
    • Wafer and die cost
  • Packaging Cost
  • Module Cost

Estimated Price Analysis

Comparison with Broadcom AFEM8092

Package View and Dimensions

  • Power Amplifier
  • FBAR vs. SMR
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