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Power-One – Aurora Trio 10KW PV Inverter

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System Plus Consulting is proud to publish the reverse costing report on fthe Aurora Trio solar inverter PVI-10.0-TL supplied by Power-One, the second largest PV inverter manufacturer.

Rated A+ by Photon International, the PVI-10.0-TL is a 10KW, transformerless inverter with two independent MPPTs and efficiency ratings of up to 97.8%. The system uses film capacitors instead of electrolytic capacitors. This change allows a longer product lifetime.

Based on a complete teardown analysis, the report provides an estimation of the production cost as well as the selling price of the product.

This reverse costing report contains:

  • Detailed photos
  • Material analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • In-depth economicalanalysis
  • Manufacturing cost breakdown
  • Selling price estimation


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1. Overview / Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Company Profile: Power-One
  • Main Features
  • Specifications overview of the inverter
  • The course of the analysis

 2. Physical Analysis

  • Views and dimensions of the packaging
  • Packaging Overview
  • Accessories and Documentations
  • Views and dimensions of the inverter
  • External Interfaces
  • Inverter Opening
  • Inverter Disassembly
  • Electronic Boards Dimensions
  • Electronic Boards – Top Side – Global View
  • Electronic Boards – Top Side – High Resolution Photo
  • Electronic Boards – Top Side – Main Components Markings
  • Electronic Boards – Top Side – Main Components Identification
  • Electronic Boards – Top Side – Other Components
  • Electronic Boards – Bottom Side – High Resolution Photo

3. BOM Cost

  • Assessing the BOM
  • Estimation of the cost of the Packaging & Accessories
  • Estimation of the cost of the Housing & Mechanical Parts
  • Estimation of the cost of the Electronic Boards
  • Material cost breakdown

 4. Added Value Cost

  • Electronic Boards Manufacturing Flow
  • Electronic Boards Hourly Rates and Cadencies
  • Details of the Electronics Board AV Cost
  • Details of the System Assembly AV Cost
  • Details of the Final Functional Test AV Cost
  • Details of the Packaging Assembly AV Cost
  • Added Value cost breakdown

 5. Estimation of the selling price

  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown
  • Estimation of the Selling Price
  • Functional Cost Breakdown

 6. Conclusion


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