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SP19472 -Piezoelectric systems - external views

Piezoelectric Material From Bulk to Thin Film – Comparison 2019

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Unique technical and cost review of 16 piezoelectric modules from market pioneers, including transducers, inkjet dies, MEMS gyroscopes, RF filters, MEMS microphones and micro-speakers.

SP19472 -USound MEMS speaker piezoelectric actuator – SEM view

This review study has been conducted to provide insights and technology data for a large range of functions based on piezoelectric material characteristics.

Piezoelectric materials allow interactions between electronic components and the mechanical world, so that actuator and sensor functions can be integrated directly with electronic die. That’s why piezoelectric materials are used in more and more modules. Traditional products include printheads, ultrasonic transducers, and radiofrequency (RF) filters. New MEMS products include microphones and speakers. The report proposes a study of 16 piezoelectric technologies from 16 manufacturers including Qualcomm, Broadcom, Qorvo, Panasonic, Silicon Sensing, XAAR-Ricoh, Epson, Fujifilm, Vesper, Usound, Kyocera, Toshiba, OCE, and Paratek.

System Plus consulting has been performing reverse engineering and costing of a large variety of components based on the piezoelectric effect for more than 10 years. However, only the latest generations are presented in this report. This review has been conducted to provide insights into the structures, technical and design choices of the components at the center of the most innovative functions. We analyzed and compared two ultrasonic sensors, six printheads, five MEMS dies and three RF components.

This report contains a physical analysis and a cost estimation of the integration of piezoelectric material in a system or wafer. We base our analysis on full teardowns of the piezoelectric material and electrodes to unveil the technological choices made by the different manufacturers. Finally, it features an exhaustive comparison between the studied samples, highlighting the similarities and differences and their impact on cost.


SP19472 -Piezoelectric systems - external viewsSP19472 -SEM of the piezoelectric actuator from a Fujifilm Samba inkjet dieSP19472-Toshiba CA4 bulk piezoelectric printhead - cross-section

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  • Executive Summary
  • Analyzed Piezoelectric Devices, by Function
  • Glossary

Market Analysis

Piezoelectric material: Function and Integration

  • Ultrasonic sensor: Bosch – Ultrasonic Park Assist Sensor (Bulk), Continental – AdBlue Sensor Module (Bulk)
  • Inkjet :Toshiba TEC – CA4 (Bulk), OCE ColorWave 600 Printhead (Bulk), Kyocera KJ4B-1200 Printhead (Bulk), Fujifilm Dimatix Samba Inkjet Die (Thin Film), EPSON – PrecisionCore PZT Inkjet (Thin Film), XAAR – 1201 Printhead (Thin Film)
  • MEMS: Qualcomm 3D UltraSonic Fingerprint (Piezo Polymer), Vesper VM1000 microphone (Thin Film), Panasonic Gyroscope MEMS (Thin Film), Silicon Sensing CMS300 Gyroscope MEMS (Thin Film), Usound MEMS Speaker (Thin Film)
  • RF and BAW Filter:Paratek_BST Tunable_Capacitor (Thin Film), Quorvo (Thin Film), Broadcom (Thin Film)

Physical Analysis

  • PZT Bulk Piezoelectric Material
  • PZT Thin Film
  • AlN Thin Film
  • BST Thin Film
  • Piezo Polymer

Cost Analysis

  • Bulk
    • Bosch – Ultrasonic Park Assist Sensor (Bulk)
    • Continental – AdBlue Sensor Module (Bulk)
    • Toshiba TEC – CA4 (Bulk)
    • OCE ColorWave 600 Printhead (Bulk)
    • Kyocera KJ4B-1200 Printhead (Bulk)
  • Thin Film Piezoelectric
    • Fujifilm Dimatix Samba Inkjet Die (PZT Thin Film)
    • EPSON – PrecisionCore PZT Inkjet (PZT Thin Film)
    • XAAR – 1201 Printhead (PZT Thin Film)
    • Vesper VM1000 microphone (AlN Thin Film)
    • Panasonic Inertial Gyroscope MEMS (PZT Thin Film)
    • Silicon Sensing CMS300 Gyroscope MEMS (PZT Thin Film)
    • Usound MEMS Speaker (PZT Thin Film)
    • Qorvo (AlN Thin Film)
    • Broadcom (AlN Thin Film)
    • Paratek Tunable capacitor (BST thin film)
    • Qualcomm 3D UltraSonic Fingerprint Sensor (Piezo Polymer)


  • Printhead Review
  • Piezoelectric Component Review
  • Piezoelectric Component Wafer Cost Review
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