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EgisTec ET300 Fingerprint Sensor

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After a first introduction in the Aurora i966, EgisTec integrates again its fingerprint ET300 in the Philips i999, a smartphone for the Chinese market.With very simple technical choices concerning the technical detection design and the packaging, EgisTec offers a very competitive sensor in terms of size and manufacturing cost.

Located on the back side of the smartphone, the fingerprint sensor of the Philips i999 has dimensions of 11.6 x 11.6. It is assembled on a square LGA packaging and is protected by metal support.

The sensor has a resolution of 17,920 pixels with a pixel density of 500ppi. It uses a capacitive touch technology to take an image of the fingerprint from the subepidermal layers of the skin.

The sensor die is manufactured with CMOS 0.15µm technology and it is connected by mean of wire bonding to the rigid PCB.

Thanks to its design and manufacturing process, EgisTec device is very smart and cost effective in respect to the competitors.

The report includes comparisons with the latest Huawei’s, Samsung’s and Apple’s fingerprints buttons.

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Overview / Introduction

Company Profile & Supply Chain

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Fingerprint sensor disassembly
    • Fingerprint sensor Removal
    • Fingerprint sensor assembly view
  • Fingerprint sensor assembly
    • Fingerprint sensor Views
    • Fingerprint sensor Cross-Section
  • Sensor Die
    • Sensor Die View & Dimensions
    • Sensor Die Marking
    • Sensor Die Capacitors
    • Sensor Die Edge Contact
    • Sensor Delayering & main Blocs
    • Sensor Die Process
    • Sensor Die Cross-Section
    • Sensor Die Process Characteristic

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Sensor Die Front-End Process
  • LGA Packaging Process
  • Final Test & Packaging
  • Fabrication unit
  • Synthesis of the main parts

Cost Analysis

  • Sensor Die Front-End Cost, Probe Test, Thinning & Dicing
  • LGA Packaging Cost
  • Sensor Component Cost
  • Synthesis of the assembling
  • Fingerprint Component Cost

Technology and Cost comparison with Huawei’s, Apple’s and Samsung’s fingerprint sensors

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