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Particle Sensor comparison 2019 - System Plus Consulting

Particle Sensor Comparison 2019

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From detection to measurement, discover manufacturers’ technical choices and device manufacturing costs.

PCB analysis - particle sensor Honeywell - System Plus ConsultingDue to increasing air quality level requirements, air and gas particulate matter sensing has become an ever-growing market, particularly in semiconductor, indoor depollution and automotive applications.

Only a few well-known companies share this market, which is worth more than $100 million today. Many products have already been released in different applications, for different particle sizes.

However, these particle sensors must respect dimensional constraints to be integrated into other systems. They must operate for years without maintenance and have a reasonable selling price to reach as many areas as possible.

In this comparative report, System Plus Consulting analyzes seven particle sensors from the top main manufacturers: Honeywell’s HPMA115S0-XXX, Nova Fitness’ SDS011, Plantower’s PMS 7003, Sensirion’s SPS30, Sharp’s GP2Y1010AU0F, and Shiyei Technology’s PPD42NJ and PPD71.

In this analysis technical choices made by manufacturers are highlighted, at the printed circuit boards, electronic components and hardware levels. Block diagrams help readers to understand the component functions and the mechanical design. Different tables compare the common chipsets and main parts identified, their respective costs. Then, combined with manufacturing hypotheses, a manufacturing price is estimated for each system.

Particle Sensor block diagram Honeywell - System Plus Consulting

Particle Sensor BoM Cost Comparison Chipset - System Plus Consulting

Particle Sensor comparison 2019 - System Plus Consulting




Gas and Particle Sensors 2018 – Market and Technology report by Yole Développement

Air quality is breathing life into the sensor market!

Bundle offer possible for the Particle Sensor Comparison 2019 Report by System Plus Consulting, contact us for more information.

Key Features:

  • New chapters on particle sensors: segmentation, market forecasts, player mapping and technology benchmarks
  • Updated gas sensor segmentation to take into account new applications
  • Brand new market forecast up to 2023 in value and units by application
  • Updated market shares and technology breakdown
  • New part about gas and particle sensors in Asia, covering China, Taiwan and Japan
  • New part on gas and particle sensor intellectual property
  • Updated analysis on combo sensors and electronic noses
  • Get more here


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  • Executive Summary
  • Particle Sensor Market
  • Overview

Specification Comparison 

  • Main FeaturesParticle Sensor Comparison 2019
  • Block Diagrams
  • Dimensions

Physical Comparison

  • Teardown/Part Collection
  • Electronic Boards
  • Comparison Table : Chipset and Other Parts

Cost Comparison

  • BoM Cost
  • Added-Value Cost
  • Manufacturing Cost
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