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SP20570-8Gb DRAM Die Cross Section

Nanya Technology 8Gb Standard DRAM

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Reverse costing report on Nanya’s highest density 8Gb DDR4 DRAM memory using 20nm process technology.

SP20570-DRAM Package Opening

COVID-19 had a positive impact on DRAM demand due to intensified network activity and strong PC demand. The heightened DRAM demand increased DRAM revenue to more than US$17 billion in Q3 2020. Nanya Technology Corporation holds the fourth biggest DRAM market share after Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron, with a significant market share in the PC and automotive markets. DRAM shipments were dominated by 8Gb dies in 2020. Nanya is dedicated to DRAM manufacturing. It also provides the DRAM market with the highest die density of 8Gb.

Nanya’s 8Gb DRAM memory transfers data with high speeds of up to 3200Mbps to keep pace with data intensive workloads. The analyzed memory uses 20nm process technology and provides the industry with dies that are cost competitive. With increasing memory cell integration on a single chip, DRAM manufacturers shrink the size of the memory cell and the transistor to manufacture DRAM with higher memory capacity and higher processing speeds. The CMOS transistors used in this DRAM are smaller compared to other DRAM components in the market. This transistor shrinkage allows for faster switching speed and lower power consumption. Memory cell size, design and material could vary from one DRAM manufacturer to another to provide consumers with reliable and fast operating memories. In the future DRAM cell material and patterning techniques could evolve to continually increase the memory density.

This report examines the DDR4 8Gb memory from the Taiwanese DRAM manufacturer. The report contains an analysis of the DRAM memory package, die and memory cells. It also includes high resolution images of the die cross section and memory cells. The cost analysis comprises of an estimation of wafer and die cost, packaging, and final test cost estimation. A cost breakdown of each manufacturing step is detailed.

Finally, Nanya’s 8Gb DRAM memory die size, density and capacitor cells are compared to Samsung and Micron’s 8Gb low power DRAM. The report also includes the manufacturing cost comparison.

SP20570-8Gb DRAM Die Cross Section SP20570-DRAM Die Cross Section (isolation trench) SP20570-Memory bit line and Contacts
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  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile 

  • Nanya Technology Corporation

Technology & Market

  • DRAM Market and Shipping
  • DRAM Bit Production
  • DRAM Manufacturers

Physical Analysis

  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • 8GB DIMM Teardown
  • Package
    • Package views, dimensions and opening
  • Memory Die
    • View, dimensions and marking
    • Cross-section and die delayering

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Overview
  • Wafer Fabrication Unit and Front-End Process

Cost Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
    • Memory front-end cost
    • Memory front-end cost per process step
  • Component
    • Front-end cost
    • Memory wafer and die cost
    • Back-end: Final test cost
    • 8Gb DDR4 component cost

Estimated Price and Gross Margin Analysis

Comparison between Nanya, Micron and Samsung 8Gb

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