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Mitsubishi 6th gen CSTBT 1200V CM450DY-24S IGBT Power Module

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System Plus Consulting is pleased to publish a new version of the reverse costing report on the 6th generation of CSTBT from MITSUBISHI. SCM and SRP profiles have been added to provide more information on the location and concentrations of dopants. Discover the first IGBT with 2 metals for the emitter. Based on a complete teardown process, the report provides an estimation of the production cost as well as the selling price of the CSTBT device and the CM450DY-24S, 1200V 450A, half-bridge IGBT module.

This report provides a reverse costing of the POWER TRANSISTOR and POWER MODULE with:

  • Detailed photos & Material analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Flow
  • SCM and SRP profiles
  • In-depth economic analysis
  • Manufacturing cost breakdown
  • Selling price estimation


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Executive Summary


Table of Contents

 1. Technology Analysis of the module

  • Power Module Dimensions
  • Power Module Disassembly
  • Transistors and Diodes
  • Wire bondings
  • Cross-section
  • AlN Substrate

 2. Technology Analysis – IGBT Die

  • IGBT Die Dimensions
  • About the cross-sections
  • Die Thickness & Gate Contact
  • IGBT Transistor Cross-section
  • Dopant profiling of IGBT by SCM
  • IGBT Transistor Structure
  • IGBT Back Side SRP depth profile
  • Mitsubishi CSTBT 6Th generation
  • Synthesis

 3. Technology Analysis – Diode Die

4. Manufacturing Process flow

  • IGBT Process Flow
  • Diode Process Flow
  • AMB Substrate Process Flow
  • Module Process Flow

5. Cost Analysis

  • Economic Analysis Hypotheses

5.1 IGBT 67

  • Component Summary
  • Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • Back-End
  • Yield Summary
  • Unprobed Wafer Cost
  • Die Cost

5.2 Diode 80

5.3 Module 93

  • AMB Substrate Cost
  • Module Cost
  • Final Test Cost
  • Component Cost

6. Selling Price Estimation

  • Selling Price Estimation
  • Manufacturer Ratios
  • Manufacturer Price




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