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Antenna in package Mediatek eWLP AiP Radar chipset - System Plus Consulting

Mediatek Autus R10 (MT2706) 77/79 GHz eWLB/AiP Radar Chipset

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World’s first 76-81 GHz automotive single-chip radar in a System-on-Chip device with integrated Antenna-in-Package using Fan-Out packaging technology.

Antenna in package Mediatek eWLP AiP Radar chipset - System Plus Consulting

The automotive industry is widely considering radar sensors for Automated Driver Assistance Systems at level 2 and beyond. Working along with several other sensors, radar appears to be essential to sense the environment under various conditions of temperature, humidity and darkness. Today, producers of radar technology are trying to secure a greater share of the market from other sensors. Beside imaging and positioning systems, one technology remains accessible: ultrasonic sensors. With its new Ultra Short-Range Radar (USRR) sensor, MediaTek is directly targeting this market, seeking to replace these sensors with radar technology.

The Autus R10 MT2706 is a System-on-Chip (SoC) device with an Antenna-in-Package (AiP) solution. This makes the device one of the most integrated radar chipsets currently available on the market. It features two channels, one receiver (Rx) and one transmitter (Tx), along with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Using embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) fan-out technology to embed the antennae, this new chipset is extremely compact and cost effective.

With a footprint of almost 40 mm², the device integrates two folded dipole antenna that occupy only 30% of the package size. The antenna design has special features that enhance the Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) isolation to exceed 30 dB. Also, integrating mm-wave transceivers, frequency and waveform generators, self-diagnosis and calibration functions, and the digital baseband (DBB) includes hardware accelerators and a radar signal processing unit. This allows MediaTek to provide a sensor that requires only a few active and passive components on board to provide a three-wire radar sensor that could directly replace ultrasonic sensors.

This report reviews the MT2706, including a complete package and die analysis, cost analysis, and price estimate for the component. Also included is a physical and cost comparison with TI’s AWR1843AoP and Acconeer’s A111 Pulsed Coherent Radar.

Package overview Mediatek eWLP AiP Radar chipset - System Plus Consulting Die View Mediatek eWLP AiP Radar chipset - System Plus Consulting

Device Cross section Mediatek eWLP AiP Radar chipset - System Plus Consulting

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Mediatek – Company Profile

Radar Chipset – Market Analysis

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis – Methodology
  • Package Assembly
    • View and dimensions
    • Package overview and cross-section
    • Package opening
  • Die
    • View, dimensions and markings
    • Die overview – VCO, receiver, transmitter
    • Die process
    • Cross-section and process characteristics

Physical Comparison

  • TI AWR1842AoP vs. Acconeer A111 PCR vs. MediaTek MT2706
    • Package, die, RF design

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Die Process and Wafer Fabrication Unit
  • AiP Packaging Process and Fabrication Unit

Cost Analysis

  • Cost Analysis Overview
  • Yield Hypotheses
    • Front-End (FE) cost
    • Wafer and die cost
  • AiP Packaging Assembly Cost
  • Component Cost

Cost Comparison

  • TI AWR1842AoP vs. Acconeer A111 PCR vs. MediTek MT2706

Estimated Price Analysis

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