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Maxim Integrated MAX30102 Optical Heart-Rate Sensor: monitor and pulse oximeter sensor in LED reflective solution in the Samsung Galaxy S7

Maxim Integrated MAX30102

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Maxim Integrated is a respected supplier for Samsung’s mobile phone flagships. From the 5th generation Galaxy S5 to the latest Galaxy S7, Maxim’s heart-rate sensor has always been found in the back of the smartphone. The Galaxy S7 uses the latest version of the heart-rate sensor, designed for both smartphone and wearables but very different to previous versions: the MAX30102.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 heart-rate sensor is located on the main board of the smartphone under the camera. The sensor is an optical heart-rate module and a pulse oximeter sensor in a LED reflective solution.

The main die features a photodiode area and an analysis part, with an integrated ambient light cancellation system comprising a photodetector and a wavelength cut-off filter based on Maxim’s proprietary technology. The component features two LEDs: one infra-red (IR) and one red. The LEDs are bonded on silicon substrates, the IR led is manufactured from AlInGaP material and the red LED from GaAs material.

The component is assembled with multiple devices in the package. Compared to the previous generation the design footprint and packaging are totally different. This has made the component more reliable.

Thanks to all these innovations, the MAX30102 is very cost effective, enforcing Maxim’s leadership in this domain.

Complete chip fabrication processes and cost estimation are presented in the report. It also includes comparison with the previous generation of the sensor that can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S6, highlighting and measuring all the differences.

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Overview / Introduction

Company Profile and Supply Chain

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Disassembly
    • Component Removal
  • Packaging Analysis
    • Package View and Dimensions
    • Package Openin
    • Package Cross-Section
  • LED Dies Analysis
    • Dies View and Dimensions
    • Dies Cross Sectio
    • Dies Process
  • Main Die Analysis
    • Die View & Dimensions
    • Die Cross Section
    • Die Process

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • LED Fabrication Unit
  • LED Process Flow
  • Chip Fabrication Unit
  • Chip Process
  • Package Fabrication Unit
  • Package Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
  • LED Cost Analysis
    • Epitaxy Step
    • LED Epitaxy Cost
    • LED Front-End Cost
    • LED Wafer Cos
    • LED Cost per Process Step
  • Die Cost Analysis
    • Wafer Front-End Cos
    • Die Cost
  • Package Cost Analysis
    • Packaging Cost
    • Component Cost

Estimated Price Analysis

  • Manufacturer Financial Ratios
  • Estimated Selling Price

Technology and Cost Comparison with Previous Generation of Heart-Rate Sensor

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