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SP19493 - NPA1008 Macom Power GaN_1

MACOM NPA1008 RF Power Amplifier with GaN-on-Si HEMT

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EUR 6990
Industrial Mobile & Consumer
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Discover the MACOM wideband RF GaN Power Amplifier for general purpose, optimized for 20–2700 MHz operation.

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The Radio-Frequency (RF) GaN market is experiencing an impressive growth. Yole Développement expects that the overall GaN RF market will reach $2B by 2024, driven by two main applications: telecom infrastructure and defense.

Thanks to its higher power output at high frequencies and smaller footprint, GaN is increasingly adopted by the RF industry. Compared to existing silicon LDMOS and GaAs solutions, GaN devices are able to deliver the power efficiency level required for next-generation high frequency telecom networks in which power amplifiers play an important role.

System Plus Consulting unveils MACOM’s technical choices in its GaN Wideband Power Amplifier NPA1008, from die design to packaging.

The NPA1008 is a wideband integrated GaN power amplifier optimized for 20-2700 MHz operation. It is ideally suited for general purpose narrowband to broadband applications in test and measurement, defense communications, land mobile radio and wireless infrastructure.

In this report, System Plus Consulting presents a deep teardown analysis of the NPA1008.

Detailed optical and Scanning Electron Microscope pictures and cross-sections with Energy-Dispersive X-ray analysis are included to reveal MACOM’s technical choices at the microscopic level of the GaN-on-Si HEMT and the passive input match dies. These technical analyses are made together with corresponding patent analyses.

The report provides an estimation of the production costs of the HEMT, the passive die, and the package as well as the estimated selling price of the component.

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  • Executive Summary
  • Market, Reverse Costing Methodology, and Glossary

Company Profile

  • MACOM Profile, Product Portfolio and Supply Chain

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
    • Package analysis
    • Package opening
  • Package Cross-Sections
  • HEMT Die
    • HEMT die views and dimensions
    • HEMT die cross-section
    • HEMT die process characteristics
  • Passive Die
    • Die views and dimensions
    • Die cross-section
    • Die process characteristics

Manufacturing Process

  • HEMT Die Front-End Process
  • HEMT Die Fabrication Unit
  • Passive Die Front-End Process
  • Passive Die Fabrication Unit
  • Packaging Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Summary of the Cost Analysis
  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
  • HEMT Die
    • HEMT Wwafer front-end cost and front-end cost per process step
    • HEMT back-end cost: Die probe test, thinning and dicing
    • HEMT die cost
  • Passive Die
    • Passive front-end cost
    • Passive back-end cost: Die probe test, thinning and dicing
    • Passive die cost
  • Packaging Assembly Cost
  • Component Cost
    • Back-end: Final test cost
    • Component cost

Selling Price Analysis

  • Definition of Prices
  • Estimation of Selling Price
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