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LeddarVu8, the first off-the-shelf solid state high-definition LiDAR module from LeddarTech, has no moving parts, giving it the smallest form factor while integrating the latest innovations

LeddarVu8: The first off-the-shelf solid state high-definition LiDAR module from LeddarTech

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The light detection and ranging principle and technology, also known as LiDAR, is used in a wide spectrum of applications. With upcoming autonomous or “self-driving” cars, LiDAR technology is being considered for one option for the “eyes” of such vehicles. However, existing systems do not match the challenging reliability, compactness and cost-efficiency specifications of the automotive world.

Based on “LeddarCore” components, Leddartech has developed LeddarVu8, a compact solid-state LiDAR without mechanical movement that provides highly accurate multi-target detection over eight independent segments. It detects targets at up to 215 m range despite its tiny size of 70 mm x 35 mm x 46 mm and weighing only 75 grams. The LeddarVu8 delivers nearly twice the range for half the volume compared to the previous version.

These qualities qualify the LeddarVu8 as a candidate for advanced driver assistance, replacing the radar. With its adjustable and interchangeable optics module, the LeddarVu8 can also be interesting for other applications, such as traffic management, speed enforcement, heavy-duty equipment collision warning, navigation, liquid level sensing and bulk volume measurements.

The light is emitted by Excelitas’ tri-stacked emitting edge laser diode of 75W and received by a photodiode array. The two components are designed for large volume markets and some innovations reduce their usually high cost. This first automotive version of the LeddarVu8 shows the full potential of this technology to go under the $100 barrier.

This report presents the full system manufacturing and packaging processes for the LeddarVu8 as well as the physical analysis of the two main optical components, the laser diode and the photodiode. An estimation of the manufacturing cost and selling price is included.

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Overview / Introduction

Company Profile

System Physical Analysis

  • Views and Dimensions
  • System Opening and Overview
  • Main Electronic Board
  • Receiver Board
  • Emitter Board

Cost Analysis

  • Accessing the BOM
  • PCB Cost
  • BOM Cost – Mother Electronic
  • Housing Parts – Estimation
  • BOM Cost – System Housing
  • Material Cost Breakdown by Component Category
  • Accessing the Added Value (AV) cost
  • Mother Board Manufacturing Flow
  • Details of the Mother Electronic Board AV Cost
  • Details of the Module Assembly AV Cost
  • Added-Value Cost Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Selling Price

  • Estimation of the Manufacturing and Selling Price



Overview / Introduction

Company Profile

Physical Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Physical Analysis
  • Package Analysis
    • Package opening
    • Package cross-section
  •  Die
    • View and dimensions
    • Die cross-section
    • Die process characteristic

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Die Front-End Process
  • Die Fabrication Unit
  • Package Process Flow
  • Final Test and Packaging Fabrication unit

Cost Analysis

  • Yield Hypotheses
  • Die Cost
    • Front-end cost
    • Probe tests and dicing
    • Wafer and die cost
    • Wafer cost evolution
    • Packaging cost and step cost
    • Component cost and evolution

Estimated Price Analysis

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