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IRay T3S Thermal Camera - IRay T3S Camera for Smartphone - System Plus Consulting

IRay T3S Thermal Camera for Smartphone

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Industrial Mobile & Consumer
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Deep dive analysis of the IRay T3S thermal camera for smartphone including structural and cost analysis.

IRay T3S Thermal Camera - IRay T3S Camera for Smartphone - System Plus Consulting

In the current context of the health crisis due to the COVID-19 virus, the demand for temperature measurement tools has exploded.

The T3S thermal camera by IRay Technology, has been developed for consumer or industrial applications. Such systems could mitigate the virus’s spread by detecting people with fever symptoms.

IRay’s camera produces thermal images on a smartphone and provides local temperature measurements. It belongs to a portfolio of compact thermal camera plug-ins for smartphones, including the T2L and T3S PRO cameras. The T3S model integrates an RTD3172 Raytron microbolometer die with 17µm pixel pitch. It offers intermediate features between the T2L camera, which is more compact, and the T3S PRO camera, which is more accurate. These cameras are dedicated to industrial inspection, animal observation and electronic testing applications. IRay has developed a wide range of cameras with different resolutions and accuracies.

This full reverse costing study has been conducted to provide insights into technology data, manufacturing cost and manufacturer price of one thermal camera for smartphone supplied by IRay Technology.

Along with the complete teardown analysis of the IRay T3S thermal camera, this report includes a complete Bill of Materials, PCB and lens module analyses, system block diagram, electronic board high-definition photos, and main Integrated Circuit (IC) and sensor die photos. Material costs are then estimated, as well as process assemblies, to deliver a complete cost analysis and an estimated manufacturer price of the thermal camera.

IRay T3S Thermal Camera - Electronic Board Cross-Section - System Plus Consulting IRay T3S Thermal Camera - Disassembly of the Camera - System Plus Consulting IRay T3S Thermal Camera - Disassembly of the Camera_2 - System Plus Consulting
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  • Executive Summary
  • Main Chipset
  • Supply Chain
  • Block Diagram
  • Reverse Costing Methodology
  • Glossary

Company Profile

  • IRay

Teardown Analysis

  • External View of the Camera
  • Views and Dimensions of the Camera
  • Camera Opening
  • Microbolometer Views and Opening
  • Lens Module Views and Cross Section
  • Main Board
  • Top Side – Angled view – High Resolution Photo
  • Top Side – Top view – High Resolution Photo
  • Top Side – Component Markings
  • Top Side – Component Identification
  • Bottom Side – High Resolution Photos
  • Bottom Side – Components Marking
  • Bottom Side – Components Identification
  • Flex Board

Cost Analysis

  • Accessing the BOM
  • PCBs Cost
  • MCU Cost
  • BOM Cost – Electronic Boards
  • Housing Part – Estimation
  • BOM Cost – Mechanical Parts
  • Material Cost Breakdown by Sub-Assembly
  • Material Cost Breakdown by Component Category
  • Accessing the Added Value (AV) Cost
  • Main Board Manufacturing Flow
  • Details of the Main Board AV Cost
  • Details of the System Assembly AV Cost
  • Added-Value Cost Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Cost Breakdown

Estimated Manufacturer Price Analysis

  • Estimation of the Manufacturer’s Price
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