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InvenSense ICS43432 Microphone

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EUR 6990
Mobile & Consumer
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Following the acquisition of MEMS Microphone Business Line of Analog Devices for 100M$ in October 2013, InvenSense releases its last high performances digital MEMS Microphone based on flexible membrane and capacitive common sensing principle.

The ICS-43432 is a digital microphone equipped with MEMS and amplification ASIC into a single chip. It is designed by CMOS process, it has I²S protocol interface and high SNR of 65dBA.

The MEMS transducer is a condenser microphone with a flexible poly-Si membrane and a rigid reference electrode manufactured on SOI substrate. Compared with state of the art MEMS Microphones, it presents a new design of the diaphragm with octagonal shape and centralfixation.

Assembled in a 6-pins LGA4.0x3.0x1.0mm package, the ICS-43432 is an high performance digital output microphone with bottom port targeted for consumers applications.

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 Company Profile

 Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology

Package Views & Dimensions
Package Opening
Package Cross-Section

  • ASIC Die

View, Dimensions & Marking
Delayering, Process Identification
Process Characteristics

  • MEMS die

View, Dimensions & Marking
Bond Pads
Membrane & Backplate
Central fixation
Anti-stiction features
Process Characteristics

  • Manufacturing Process Flow

Global Overview
ASIC Front-End Process
ASIC Wafer Fabrication Unit
MEMS Process Flow
MEMS Wafer Fabrication Unit
Packaging Process Flow
Package Assembly Unit

  •  Cost Analysis

Main steps of economic analysis
Yields Hypotheses
ASIC Front-End Cost
ASIC Back-End 0 : Probe Test & Dicing
ASIC Wafer Cost
ASIC Die Cost
MEMS Front-End Cost
MEMS Back-End 0 : Probe Test & Dicing
MEMS Front-End Cost per process steps
MEMS Front-End: Equipment Cost per Family
MEMS Front-End: Material Cost per Family
MEMS Wafer Cost
MEMS Die Cost
Back-End : Packaging Cost
Back-End : Packaging Cost per Process Steps
Back-End : Final Test Cost
Microphone Component Cost & Price

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