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SP20551-Intel Optane 128GB DIMM

Intel Optane 128GB DIMM

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Analysis of Intel’s Persistent Memory DIMM that integrates Intel’s 3D XPoint memory dies.

SP20551-Intel Processor Package

With their increased use of electronic devices and 5G, consumers generate vastly greater volumes of data, which must be processed and stored at higher speed. Expansion of nonvolatile and volatile memory storage in data centers is therefore inevitable. Intel Optane Memory has created a bridge between nonvolatile and volatile storage options. This persistent memory type integrates 3D XPoint Memory dies produced by Micron and Intel. The Optane DIMM introduced in 2019 has one of the highest levels of integration, presenting a full system on a module. Intel Optane products have pioneered 3D XPoint commercial devices, mainly targeting data center storage.
Intel’s Optane DIMM integrates several dies. It includes 3D XPoint dies, Intel’s Xeon Processor die, power management integrated circuits, and DDR4 data buffers from Micron and Montage.
3D XPoint performs a thousand times faster than flash memory and is denser than DRAM memory. It has high performance and robust endurance properties.

The 3D XPoint memory forms a vertical structure multilevel memory cell array. This strategy is used to increase the density of the cells. The memory cells use a Phase Change Material. Bit storage is based on a change of material resistance. The memory cells present a material with variable electrical resistance due to a change in the crystal structure.

This report constitutes an exhaustive analysis of the main components of the Intel Optane DIMM System, including a full analysis of the 3D XPoint die, Intel Optane Processor and the Micron DRAM DDR4 die. The report includes high resolution images of the 3D XPoint Memory and the Intel Processor. The physical analysis and the process are used to estimate the manufacturing cost and price of 3D XPoint memory dies and Intel Processor. Finally, the full assembly cost of the DIMM is determined, including the cost estimate and final price estimate of the Intel Optane 128GB.

SP20551-Intel Optane 128GB DIMM SP20551-3D X Point Die delayering SP20551-3D XPoint Memory Cells
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Physical Analysis

  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
  • Intel DIMM
    • Package overviews, dimensions
  • 3D XPoint Memory
    • Die view and dimensions
    • Die delayering and main block IDs
    • Die process
    • Die cross-section
  • Intel Processor
    • Die view and dimensions
    • Die process
    • Die cross-section
  • Micron DDR4 Memory
    • Die view and dimensions
    • Die process
    • Die cross-section
  • Montage Technology DDR4 Memory
  • Richtek Power Integrated Circuit

Manufacturing Process

  • Global Overview
  • 3D XPoint Die Front-End Process and Fabrication Unit
  • 3D XPoint Back-End Process and Fabrication Unit
  • 3D XPoint Process Flow
  • Intel Processor Front End Process and Fabrication Unit

Cost Analysis

  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
  • 3D XPoint Memory
    • Die front-end cost
    • Die probe test and dicing
    • Wafer and die cost
    • Packaging and component cost
  • Intel Processor
  • Intel Optane DIMM System
    • PCB cost and assembly cost

Estimated Selling Price

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