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Infineon X-GOLD™ 213 – eWLB Package

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System Plus Consulting is proud to publish the reverse costing report of the enhanced Wafer Level BGA (eWLB) package used in the X-GOLD™ 213 circuit from Infineon.

eWLB is a Ball Grid Array package based on the emerging Fan-Out Wafer Level Package (FO-WLP) concept. All the packaging operations are done at the wafer level, and a fan-out area is provided, which extends the package size beyond the IC surface area to allow for higher ball counts. The ball pitch is 0.5mm and only one redistribution layer is used for this 217 balls 8×8 mm package.

The eWLB is manufactured on 200 mm wafers by Infineon who licensed the technology to ASE and STATSChipPAC.

This report provides for a complete teardown of the X-GOLD 213™ eWLB package including:

  •  Detailed photos
  • Material analysis
  • Manufacturing Process Flow
  • In-depth economical analysis
  • Manufacturing cost breakdown
  • Selling price estimation


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 Overview / Introduction

  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

 Fan-out package Principle

  • Fan-in & Fan-out WLP
  • Benefits of eWLB
  • eWLB – Reconstitution Flow

Physical Analysis

  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Synthesis
  • Mobile Phone & PCB
  • Underfill
  • Die in the package
  • Pads and the redistribution layer
  • The die Shift issue
  • Fan-out
  • Protective layer
  • Redistribution layer
  • Bumping process

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • The Process Flow Main Steps
  • eWLB Process Flow
  • Fan-out Wafer Molding
  • Redistribution
  • Bumping and Dicing

 Cost Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
  • Assumptions
  • Packaging Yields
  • eWLB Wafer Cost
  • Wafer Cost per Equipment Type
  • Wafer Cost per Consumable Type
  • eWLB Package Cost

 Estimated Manufacturer Price Analysis

  • Price definitions
  • Manufacturers financial ratios
  • Estimated manufacturer Price




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