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Infineon CooliR²Die™ power module: IGBT and diode into innovative packaging for electric vehicles, enables better thermal dissipation System Plus Consulting

Infineon CooliR²Die™ Power Module

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The CooliR²Die™ innovative power module from Infineon is an IGBT module for automotive applications integrated into different vehicles and based on the second generation Chevrolet Volt Traction Power Inverter Module (TPIM).

The module integrates the latest packaging from International Rectifier, which is now part of Infineon, developed in the Delphi Viper project. Power module size and thermal dissipation are optimized thanks to the use of innovative materials including aluminum nitride (AlN) layers, directed bonded aluminum (DBA), and innovative gels and masks.

This package has no wire bonding, reducing the inductance, and no printed circuit board (PCB), which simplifies module assembly. Two DBA layers improve thermal management by allowing heat to flow out of two sides of the die. The new position of the die in the package also enhances thermal dissipation. Integrating a single IGBT and diode on a minimal footprint provides system design flexibility and lower overall cost.

This report analyzes the module structure and packaging of the IGBT and diode dies in detail. Based on a complete teardown analysis, the report also provides an estimation of the production cost of the package, IGBT and diode.

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  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile

Physical Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Physical Analysis
  • Package Analysis
    • View and dimensions
    • Cross-section
  • IGBT Analysis
    • Dimension
    • Die process
    • Die cross-section
  • Diode Analysis
    • Dimension
    • Die process
    • Die cross-section

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Overview
  • IGBT and Diode Process Flow
  • Package Process Flow
  • Description of Wafer Fabrication Units

Cost Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
  • Main Economic Analysis Steps
  • Yield Explanation
  • Cost Analysis IGBT
    • Wafer cost hypothesis
    • IGBT wafer cost
    • IGBT probe cost
    • IGBT die cost
  • Cost Analysis Diode
  • Cost Analysis Module

Estimated Manufacturer Price Analysis

  • Manufacturers’ ratios
  • Estimated manufacturer price
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