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SP20474-Analyzed Industrial Power Modules Packaging–Overview

Industrial Power Module Packaging Comparison 2020

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Compare the packaging technology and cost of ten industrial power modules from Infineon, Mitsubishi, IXYS/Littelfuse, Vincotech, ABB, and Wolfspeed.

SP20474- Module Package Opening - Wire bonding – Optical View

The market for power modules will be worth $6B by 2024 with a 2018-2024 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6%. The power module market plays a key role in several industrial applications, such as motor drives and traction. In 2018, the biggest power module market segment is motor drives at $1.4B.

Module packaging currently faces several challenges, from housings to die attach and connections. To remain competitive, power module makers must deliver high reliability while remaining cost efficient.

In this dynamic context of the power module packaging market, System Plus Consulting provides a deep comparative review of packaging technology and cost, of 10 Industrial Power Modules from the main suppliers on the market: Infineon, Mitsubishi, IXYS, Vincotech, ABB, and Wolfspeed.

System Plus Consulting analyzes several packaging technologies to provide an insight into their structures, processes and costs. We look at their external parts, including cases, covers and baseplates, and their internal structure, including substrates, assembly of the substrates and modules, die and substrate attach and connections.

The cost of each power module packaging is detailed including external part costs, assembly cost per process step, and yield losses cost.

The ten Industrial Power Module packaging have been compared in terms of packaging structure, assembly, and electrical performance. Finally, they have been compared in terms of packaging cost, including package cost breakdown, cost per commutation cell, cost per power in $/kVA, cost per module package surface and per package volume.

SP20474-Analyzed Industrial Power Modules Packaging–Overview SP20474- Module Package Opening – Optical View SP20474-Module Package Cross-section – SEM View


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  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile

  • Company Profile and Product Catalog

Physical Analysis

  • Examples of System Integration of Industrial Power Modules
  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
  • Physical Analysis: Dimension, Module Opening and Package Cross-Sections of Each Module:
    • Infineon
      • EasyPACK™ FS50R07W1E3_B11A
      • EconoPACK™ 4 FS100R12PT4
      • PrimePACK™ 2 FF1200R12IE5
    • Mitsubishi
      • Std Type CM450DY-24S
      • Six-Pack CM600HG-130H
    • Vincotech
      • flow90PIM 1 V23990-P632-A-PM
    • IXYS
      • E3-Pack MIXG240W1200PZTEH
    • ABB
      • LinPak 5SNG 1000X170300
    • Wolfspeed
      • High Performance 62mm CAS325M12HM2
      • XM3 CAB450M12XM3

Physical Comparison

  • Packaging Structure Including Substrate, Baseplate and Dimensions
  • Assembly Including Die Attach and Connections
  • Electrical Performance and Commutation Cells

Packaging Assembly Process

  • For Each Module:
    • Description of the packaging process
    • Packaging fabrication unit

Cost Analysis

  • Summary of the Cost Analysis
  • Yield Explanations and Hypotheses
  • For Each Module:
    • Package assembly cost per process step
    • Package external parts cost
    • Packaging total cost breakdown

Cost Comparison

  • Package Cost Comparison: Breakdown, Cost Comparison per Commutation Cell, Cost Comparison per kVA, Cost Comparison per Surface, Cost Comparison per Volume

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