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HP HP746 HDNA Inkjet Die External view - System Plus Consulting

HP746 HDNA Inkjet Die from HP

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New generation of the HP high definition ‘dual drop weight’ thermal inkjet die for professional printers.

HP HP746 HDNA Inkjet Die External view - System Plus Consulting

System Plus Consulting has long experience of reverse costing studies on printheads, having done more than 15 custom analyses. Today our competence in printhead reverse costings is available in ‘catalog reports’, the two first investigating Epson and Xaar products. We are now proud to release our third catalog report, on HP’s HDNA Inkjet Die.

Today some inkjet manufacturers are moving toward piezoelectric MEMS. However HP, the printing market leader, continues using thermal inkjet dies. HP’s latest printhead generation uses High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA). Offering 2400dpi resolution, this thermal inkjet die is the most advanced on the market. It can be used to print one or two colors with dual-drop weight between 3-7pl. Available today in the new HP DesignJet Z9 and Latex printer, this technology could soon be integrated in other large format printers.

This reverse costing study provides insights into technological data, manufacturing cost, and selling price of the inkjet MEMS manufactured by both STMicroelectronics and HP. The inkjet die uses CMOS and DMOS transistors for the integrated driver and specially-designed layers for the new generation of high-density heaters. The ceramic and organic microfluidic elements have been enhanced to increase nozzle density. The analysis shows that the circuit has been developed to last with complex and expensive passivation.

The inkjet die has four rows of nozzles. It is assembled in the HP746 printhead with a flex to connect the die to the printer.

This report contains a complete physical and cost analysis of the HDNA ihermal inkjet die from HP. A comparison between HP inkjet die with and without HDNA is included.

HP HP746 HDNA Inkjet Die External view - System Plus Consulting HP HP746 HDNA Inkjet Die cross section - System Plus Consulting HP HP746 HDNA Inkjet Die External top view - System Plus Consulting
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  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile

  • HP
  • Supply Chain

Physical Analysis

  • Overview of the Physical Analysis
  • Physical Analysis Methodology
  • Print Head
    • Print head views and dimensions
    • Print head disassembly
  • Flex
  • Inkjet Die Disassembly
    • Nozzles
    • Disassembly
    • Pressure chambers
    • Cross-section
  • Comparison

Manufacturing Process

  • HP746 Inkjet Die

Cost Analysis

  • Yield Hypothesis
  • MEMS Inkjet Die
  • ASIC Wafer Cost
  • Inkjet Wafer Cost
  • Inkjet Step Wafer Cost
  • Die Cost
  • Probe Test Cost
  • Inkjet Die Cost

Selling Price

  • Estimation of the Manufacturing Price
  • STMicroelectronics Inkjet Die Price
  • HP Inkjet Die Price
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