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SP20516-Hitachi Power Module-1

Hitachi Double-Side Cooling Power Module from Audi e-tron’s Inverter

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Discover Hitachi’s power module and its innovative assembling technology of integrated double-side cooling structure.

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The environmental regulations to reduce average CO2 emissions and automotive trends play in favor of stronger vehicle electrification and faster deployment of Electric Vehicles/ Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEVs). Yole Développement expects that EV/HEV market in number of vehicles will reach 24 Million units by 2024.

Increasing battery energy capacity enables longer driving range of electric cars and powerful electric motors enable strong acceleration. High electric power and needs for inverter downsizing bring challenges on the power module level.

Innovations at this level concern different solution such as power module aspect (power card-like power module), baseplate structure (pin fin), cooling technology (double-side cooling).
Hitachi combines all these key innovations in its new integrated 3rd generation double-side cooling power module. In this design, Hitachi implements a built-in silicon insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and diodes.

System Plus Consulting presents a deep analysis of the Hitachi power module integrated in Audi e-tron’s inverter. Supported by a full teardown of the module’s components and housing, this report reveals Hitachi’s innovative assets to assemble its 3rd generation double-sided cooling package as well as the designs of its IGBT and diode.

This report includes an estimated manufacturing cost of all the module’s components and its selling price analysis. It proposes a comparison between double sided cooling automotive power modules from Hitachi, Toyota, and Infineon. These comparisons highlight differences in the packaging design, dies, and costs.

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  • Executive Summary
  • Market
  • Reverse Costing Methodology and Glossary

Company Profile

  • Hitachi Company Profile
  • Hitachi Inverter Technology
  • Supply Chain

Physical Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Physical Analysis
  • Package Analysis
    • Package opening & cross-section
  • Si IGBT Die
    • IGBT die view & dimensions
    • IGBT die process & cross-section
  • Si Diode Die
    • Diode die view & dimensions
    • Diode die process & cross-section

Manufacturing Process

  • Si IGBT Fabrication Unit and Process Flow
  • Si Diode Fabrication Unit and Process Flow
  • Final Test & Packaging Fabrication unit and Process Flow

Cost Analysis

  • Synthesis of the Cost Analysis, Yields Explanation & Hypotheses
  • Si IGBT
    • IGBT front-end cost and wafer cost per process step
    • IGBT die probe test & dicing
    • IGBT die cost
  • Si Diode
    • Diode front-end cost and wafer cost per process step
    • Diode die probe test & dicing
    • Diode die cost
  • Power Card Cost
    • Power card BOM & card assembly cost
  • Module Cost
    • Module BOM cost
    • Packaging assembly
    • Final module cost

Selling Price Analysis

  • Definition of prices
  • Estimation of selling price


  • Hitachi vs Toyota vs Infineon DSC Power Modules
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