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High-End SSD Controller Comparison 2022 - Silicon-Motion-SM2265G-Package-Cross-Section - System Plus Consulting

High-End SSD Controller Comparison 2022

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Advanced NAND controllers aimed at delivering high performance and endurance to the latest PCle3 and PCle4 solid-state drives.

High-End SSD Controller Comparison 2022 - Silicon-Motion-SM2265G-Package-Cross-Section - System Plus Consulting

The high demand of storage systems is the major factor driving the growth of solid-state drive (SSD) controllers. Rapid production of huge amounts of data demands SSD controllers to perform added functions, creating the need for high-performance, energy-efficient storage devices.

SSD controllers bridge the flash memory to the host device and are designed to offer improved memory efficiency and performance, as well as lower power consumption, while also improving both component durability and reliability of the SSD. Major NAND manufacturers have introduced in-house-designed SSD controllers to power their solid-state drives. The desire to internally develop their own SSD controllers is not only motivated by cost factors, but also for keeping the NAND memory design information internally and eliminating dependency on third-party controllers. Acquisition of SSD controller startups and design houses has been part of the strategy to becoming self-reliant since this could result in a reduced overall cost of SSD controllers. This report includes three in-house SSD controllers from Micron, Samsung, and SK hynix, along with two third-party SSD controllers from Silicon Motion and Phison.

The growth of 3D NAND technology is influencing the growth and innovation of SSD controllers. This report analyses five SSD controllers paired with the latest 3D NAND memory. The controllers use advanced process technology node, with most manufacturers’ controllers using advanced FinFET transistors. The transistors have been scaled down to decrease chip size and optimally address edge computing needs while delivering high performance and improved power efficiency at low cost.  These controllers are used in Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0 interfaces. The advanced technology node used in SSD drive controllers provides performance solutions for extremely high-performance applications.

This report analyzes the SM2265G controller used in SK hynix’s Gold P31 PCl3.0 SSD; the DM02A1 controller used in the Micron’s 3400 PCI4.0; the S4LV003 controller used in Samsung’s 980 PRO PCI4.0 SSD; Silicon Motion’s SM2265G used in Intel’s 670p PCI3.0 SSD; and Phison’s PS5018-E18 controller used in the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus PCI4.0. This report also includes information on the solid-state drive, and the controller packages are torn down to provide package details and cross-sections. The package opening reveals the die placement in the package. A full analysis of the die is found in this report, accompanied by optical and high-resolution SEM images of the controller die cross-section that are used to identify the die process. Die delayering offers insight on the transistor process, including the embedded SRAM memory integrated in the die process. Moreover, this report covers the manufacturing process of the controller and furnishes a cost analysis of the wafer, die, and component cost. Lastly, a comparison of the SSD controllers studies the physical differences and similarities of the five controllers, including a cost comparison.

High-End SSD Controller Comparison 2022 - Die-Cross-Section-SEM-View-SK-hynix-Controller’s-Metal-Layers - System Plus Consulting Phison-PS5018-E18-Die-after-Delayering - Silicon-Motion-SM2265G-Package-Cross-Section - System Plus Consulting Micron-DM02A1-Die-Delayering-FinFet-Transistors - System Plus Consulting
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Overview / Introduction

  • Executive Summary
  • Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile

  • SK hynix, Micron, Samsung, Silicon Motion, Phison, xxxx
    • Company Financials
    • SSD Controller Function

Physical Analysis

  • SK hynix, Micron, Samsung, Silicon Motion, Phison
  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
  • SSD  disassembly
  • Controller  Package
    • View & Dimensions
    • Package Cross-Section
    • Package Opening
  • Controller Die
    • Die View & Dimensions
    • Delayering & main Blocs
    • Die Process
    • Die Cross-Section

Physical Analysis Comparison

  • SSD Comparison
  • Package Comparison
  • Die Comparison
  • Process Comparison

Controller Manufacturing Process

  • SK hynix, Micron, Samsung, Silicon Motion, Phison
    • Die Front-End Process & Fabrication Unit
    • Final Test & Packaging Fabrication unit
    • Summary of the main parts

Cost Analysis

  • SK hynix, Micron, Samsung, Silicon Motion, Phison
  • Summary of the cost analysis
  • Yields Explanation & Hypotheses
  • Controller Die
    • Die Front-End Cost
    • Die Probe Test, Thinning & Dicing
    • Die Wafer Cost
    • Die Cost
  • Packaged Component
    • Assembly Cost
    • Component Cost

Cost Comparison  

  • Wafer Front End Cost Comparison
  • Die Cost Comparison
  • Package Cost Comparison
  • Component Cost Comparison

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