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Six laser diodes assembled in the packaging - Livox Horizon LiDAR - System Plus Consulting

Hamamatsu Photodiode and Laser in Livox’s Horizon LiDAR

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Analysis of the six channels and 905nm pulsed laser and photodiode from Hamamatsu, in Livox’s LiDAR for automotive ADAS.

Six laser diodes assembled in the packaging - Livox Horizon LiDAR - System Plus Consulting

LiDARS are manufactured around four main components: the pulsed laser diode, avalanche photodiodes, opto-mechanical system (to scan the environment in front of the car), and the processor.

System Plus Consulting proposes an analysis of the pulsed laser and the photodiode in the Horizon LiDAR from Livox: a Chinese company that sells a LiDAR system for automotive ADAS.
The LiDAR sensing module includes a custom six-photodiode array die from Hamamatsu, specifically developed for this LiDAR application. The design is particularly optimized to increase the sensibility of the six avalanche photodiodes. The photodiode dies are assembled in a package with a 905nm narrow bandpass filter.

This LiDAR uses six edge-emitting lasers designed to have three epitaxially stacked emitters. The six laser dies are assembled horizontally with an inclined mirror to send the light perpendicular. Thermal management is performed by a sophisticated substrate.

This report includes a complete technical analysis of the two main optoelectronic components in Livox’s LiDAR: the photodiodes and the emitting lasers. This technical analysis is based on optical and SEM pictures of the packaging and dies. Moreover, thanks to a complete manufacturing process analysis, this report explains the cost and estimates the price for the two components. Also included is a technical and cost comparison with the laser and photodiode in LeddarTech’s Leddar Vu and Valeo’s Scala LiDAR.

Photodiode die Livox Horizon LiDAR - System Plus Consulting Laser cross-section – SEM view - Livox Horizon LiDAR - System Plus Consulting Photodiode cross-section - Livox Horizon LiDAR - System Plus Consulting
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Company Profile 

Physical Analysis

  • Summary of the Physical Analysis
  • LiDAR Module Assembly
    • Module views and opening
  • Edge-Emitting Laser
    • Package
    • Die overview and dimensions, process, cross-section and process characteristics
  • Photodiode Component
    • Package
    • Die view and dimensions, cross-section and process characteristics

Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Global Overview
  • Photodiode Process Flow & Fabrication Unit
  • Laser Die Front-End Process & Fabrication Unit

Cost Analysis

  • Laser Component
    • NIR EE laser – front-end cost
    • NIR EE laser – probe test, thinning and dicing
    • NIR EE laser – die wafer cost
    • NIR EE laser – package cost
    • NIR EE laser – component cost
  • Photodiode
    • Photodiode – front-end cost
    • Photodiode – probe test, thinning and dicing
    • Photodiode – die wafer cost
    • Photodiode – package cost
    • Photodiode – component cost
  • LiDAR Module
    • Complete module price

Technical and Cost Comparison

  • Livox Horizon vs. LeddarTech Leddar Vu vs. Valeo Scala LiDAR
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