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SP19453-GaN Chargers Comparison_4

GaN-Based Wall Charger Comparison 2019

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The first wall-chargers based on GaN technology from RAVPower, Aukey, Made in Mind, and Anker.

SP19453-GaN Chargers Comparison_4

The Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistor market is very appealing and several players have therefore entered it in recent years. Different manufacturers’ solutions for GaN die design and packaging integration bring strong competition, which will accelerate technical innovation and lower prices. In turn, lower prices can make GaN devices good competitors to the currently-used silicon (Si)-based fast-switching power transistors, such as MOSFETs.

Wall chargers are the first consumer application that uses GaN devices. The main advantage of moving from Si to GaN is to increase the device’s operating frequency and thus decrease the charging time, size and weight of the components.

In this report, System Plus Consulting presents a deep analysis and comparison of the first GaN-based chargers available on the market. We analyze the PD Pioneer from RAVPower, the PA-U50 from Aukey, the Mu One from Made in Mind, and the PowerPort Atom PD 1 from Anker.

This report provides detailed bill of material and manufacturing supply chain for all the four chargers. It presents the technical choices made by the manufacturers and the impact of the choice of components on the charger design and cost. The report introduces the types of GaN based devices used in every charger, then every single device design and technology are available in separate reports.

This report estimates the production cost of all the components of each charger, including plastic package, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and passives in detail. It includes exhaustive technology and cost comparisons of materials, package assemblies and GaN based devices. A final comparison between Si-based and GaN-based chargers is also included.

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Company Profile

  • RAVPower
  • Made in Mind
  • Anker

Physical Analysis

  • RAVPower PD Pioneer
  • AUKEY PA-U50
  • Made in Mind Mu One
  • Anker PowerPort PD1


  • For each 
    • Summary of the physical analysis
    • Charger view and dimensions
    • Charger opening
    • Charger BoM
    • GaN HEMT die view and dimensions
    • GaN HEMT technology
    • Main IC view and technology

Cost Analysis

  • RAVPower PD Pioneer
  • AUKEY PA-U50
  • Made in Mind Mu One
  • Anker A2017


  • For each
    • Boards – Material and assembly cost
    • Charger assembly and final manufacturing cost
    • Charger material and assembly cost breakdown


  • Physical & Technological Comparison
  • Chargers Material Cost Comparison – Components Breakdown
  • Material Cost Comparison – Components Categories Breakdown
  • Chargers Assembly Cost Comparison – Components Breakdown
  • Chargers Material Cost Comparison – GaN Components Impact
  • Chargers Final Manufacturing Cost Comparison
  • Si-based vs GaN-based Chargers
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