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GaN and SiC Devices for Power Electronics Applications

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SiC and GaN will compete with silicon from low to high power

The SiC market is expected to treble and GaN is expected to explode – if challenges are overcome

In 2014, the SiC chip business was worth more than $133M. As in previous years, power factor correction (PFC) and photovoltaics (PV) are still the leading applications.

SiC diodes represent more than 80% of the market. In 2020, diodes will remain the main contributor across various applications, including electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV), PV, PFC, wind, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and motor drives.

SiC transistors will grow in parallel with diodes, driven by PV inverters. Challenges must be overcome prior to the adoption of pure SiC solutions for EV power train inverters, which is nevertheless expected by 2020.

Including the growth in both diodes and transistors we expect the total SiC market to more than treble by 2020, reaching $436M.

GaN potentially has a huge Total Accessible Market (TAM), and its adoption would therefore be significant. The starting point and the growth rate are directly linked to two important questions:

  • How will the emerging applications of low voltage GaN expand and how GaN will be adopted by these applications?
  • Will 600V devices make their way into market?

Yole Développement has integrated these variables in developing two scenarios for the GaN device market up to 2020. The analysis is based on the penetration rate of GaN in different applications including DC-DC conversion, Lidar, envelope tracking, wireless power, and PFC… We estimate the GaN device market size will be $303M in 2020 in the nominal scenario. In the accelerated scenario, where low voltage GaN and 600V GaN are rapidly adopted, the figure for 2020 is $560M. Emerging applications, namely envelope tracking, wireless power and Lidar, together will consume one third of GaN transistors. In both scenarios low voltage applications below 200V are expected to be the major contributors to the market. We invite you to read the report to find out more.

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Executive Summary
Overall Power Electronics Market
WBG power electronics: introduction
Where are WBG chips used in the power industry value chain
Life cycle of power device technologies
WBG value proposition
Electronics converter
WBG added value
WBG market segmentationEV/HEV Market
Different types of electrified vehicles
The top five key requirements for power transistors in HEV
Converters and inverters in EV/HEV
WBG penetration in EV/HEV
Roadmap of implementation of SiC devices in EV/HEV
Added value for SiC devices in EV/HEV applications
SiC device market in EV/HEV
GaN device market in EV/HEV
WBG in EV/HEVPV Inverters
PV inverters: commercial products with WBG
Penetration of SiC PV
SiC device market in PV
GaN device market in PV
WBG for solar power: ConclusionsPFC market
PFC applications
PFC market
WBG device penetration in PFC
SiC device market size for PFC (in M$)
GaN device market size for PFC Up to 2020 (in M$)
WBG device market size for PFC (in M$)
WBG for PFC market: Conclusions

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Definition and architecture
Product segments
System BOM comparison
WBG penetration to UPS sector
SiC / GaN / WBG device market size for UPS inverter up to 2020 (in M$)

Industrial motor drive market

Motor drive applications
Example of WBG in motor drives
SiC device market size for motor drives up to 2020 (in M$)

Power Converters for Wind Turbines

DFIG vs full converter
Components used for wind turbines
SiC penetration in wind turbines
SiC device market size for wind turbines up to 2020 (in M$)

Rail Traction Market

Power devices in different types of trains
SiC implementation in rail traction
Full SiC inverter for rail traction
Hybrid SiC inverter for rail traction
SiC for auxiliary in trains
Hybrid vs full SiC solutions in traction
WBG penetration in trains
SiC device market size in trains up to 2020 (in M$)

Other applications for SiC

Induction heating generator
SiC for induction heating generator
Electronics converter in aeronautic
SiC For military applications
WBG for military applications
Electrical grid management trends
SiC penetration in T&D applications

Low power DC DC converter

Point of load (PoL)
GaN for PoL / isolated DC-DC converter
GaN device market volume in DC-DC

Emerging markets for GaN

GaN for emerging applications
Wireless power
Rezence™ wireless
Envelope tracking
GaN  device market size for emerging applications up to 2020 ( in M$)

WBG market

From prototype to mass-production
Tentative estimation of market share of SiC / GaN device makers in 2014

SiC discretes and modules

SiC power devices
Known SiC Schottky diodes on the market
Commercially available SiC transistors
Device benchmark
Evolution in Cree’s MOSFET structure
SiC MOSFET current density (A/mm²) roadmap to 2020
SiC die cost analysis
Estimation of market price for SiC 600V Diode and 1.2kV MOSFET

GaN discretes

Lateral vs vertical GaN devices
Challenges of lateral GaN devices
Cascode vs enhanced-mode GaN device
Low voltage GaN device price
GaN-on-Si HEMT current density (A/mm²) roadmap to 2020
Estimation of market price of 600V GaN HEMT

WBG technical challenges

Remaining challenges for WBG devices
Challenges of using WBG devices
Challenges of device packaging
WBG packaging


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